Coloring Book Review – Soul Coats : Restoration

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Thank you to RoBarry Publications for sending this book to me in return for providing my honest and unbiased review. I received no other compensation. This post does contain affiliate links.

One of the fastest growing adult coloring book “niches” these days is the Religious/Inspirational category.

Whether you are religious – be it Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish – or not (even Atheist), there is something for everyone. And many of these coloring books are wonderful, whether you subscribe to the related teachings and philosophies or not.

I was pleased when publisher RoBarry Publications sent me a copy of Soul Coats: Restoration as an introduction to this adult coloring book genre. Read More

Plinrise Fine Line Markers – REVIEW

plinrise markersEver had a tough time getting your marker into those tiny spaces in those extravagantly detailed illustrations? Without feathering outside the lines? Then I have found an option for you!

Overview : Plinrise Fine Line Markers

fine line markersPlinrise Fine Line Markers have a thin (0.4 mm) nib in a metal-clad tip. At $12.99 for 24, they clock in at $0.54 per pen.The markers are packaged in a lovely sturdy plastic case with side clips – perfect for storage and carrying in your bag when you are on the go. This case is a vast improvement over the plastic sleeves that some markers have, and which tend to fall apart. The current customer rating on is 3½ stars. Read More

Illustriart Watercolor Pencils: REVIEW

watercolor pencilsLearning about coloring techniques, choosing colors, and selecting coloring books keeps me busy, which I find relaxing. I also love discovering different products that spark my interest. For example, watercolor pencils.

Watercolor pencils can be used just like regular colored pencils. But when you add water, your colors can transform into delicate washes or intense hues. They might seem tricky to use at first, but with a bit of practice, the result can be beautiful!

For my first go at watercolor pencils for my adult coloring, I chose the Illustriart Watercolor Pencils Set. Read More

National Coloring Book Day Giveaway!

Yes, it is giveaway time!

coloring book giveawayWhen I was preparing for my review of Adult Coloring Book: Fractals, Green Frog Publishing offered to give one of my readers two of their coloring books: Adult Coloring Book: Fractals and Adult Coloring Book: My Father’s Garden. And with National Coloring Book Day coming up on August 2nd, the timing was perfect.

About the prizes:


“Create your personal, private oasis with Ben Trube’s expertly programmed fractals designed to reduce stress, sharpen your concentration and nourish your creativity. Adult Coloring Book: Fractals is a set of twenty-five distinctive stress relieving patterns of fractals portraying the beauty of mathematics. ” – Publisher


“Create your personal, private garden sanctuaries with Bridget M. Hurley’s pen and ink drawing of her father’s gardens in Somerset County, New Jersey. Cheaper than a spa (and bug-free to boot), the Adult Coloring Book: My Father’s Garden is a set of twenty distinctive, original illustrations of country gardens in Somerset County.” – Publisher

Read More

Fractals: An Adult Coloring Book Review

Thank you to Green Frog Publishing for sending this book to me in return for providing my honest and unbiased review. I received no other compensation. This post does contain affiliate links.

fractalsAdult Coloring Book: Fractals, by Ben Trube. 68 Pages.  Published by Green Frog Publishing, February 2016.

“Learn about fractals as you color, and see a whole new way of looking at the world around you.”

As I have told you before, I find it fascinating that math is the foundation of much of the beauty in nature, such as snowflakes and the spirals of seeds in sunflowers. And I have been looking for a more challenging coloring book to put my new bifocals (!) to the test. So I was thrilled when Green Frog Publishing asked me to give Adult Coloring Book: Fractals by Ben Trube a try. Read More

Review: Lucky Black Cats Coloring Book

I ordered this coloring book on and paid full price for it. I enjoy being able to share my opinions and experiences with products to help other consumers in making informed purchasing decisions.

lucky black cats coloring book

Lucky Black Cats Adult Coloring Book. By Carole Stevens Bibisi. 78 Pages. Published by Transformation Publishing, December 2015.

As I am a self-admitted CCL (“crazy cat lady”), it is surprising that this is only the second cat-themed adult coloring book I’ve tried (the first was a gift). I guess I’ve delayed making the plunge for fear I’d end up with a ceiling-high pile of cats coloring books!

However, I’d seen Lucky Black Cats mentioned a few times on Twitter and Facebook, and saw that it has some great reviews on (currently 5/5 stars), so I took the plunge. Glad I did! Read More

11 New Adult Coloring Books to Watch For

new adult coloring books

Artists and publishers are still at it: creating and publishing oodles of new adult coloring books to keep up with the demand.  I do mean oodles: there are almost 300 books in the “Coloring Books for Grown-ups” category that are scheduled for release before the end of the year.  And that is only the ones that have been announced.  There are bizarro books (literally!), more dot-to-dot, posh, crosswords, non-book formats, cats, dogs, and grumpy cats, among so many others. Quite a pile of options to sift through, even though you may have your eyes on Johanna Basford’s Magical Jungle which is due out on August 9th.

I have taken a look at the new adult coloring books scheduled for release this Summer and here are the ones I am looking forward to getting my hands – and markers – on: Read More

7 Coloring Books to Celebrate July 4th

July 4th adult coloring book

Image: “Sweet America” by Beverly & Pack, licensed under CC by 2.0

I love July 4th for much more than just the fireworks and hot dogs.

My hometown of Boston is a “hotbed” of the history of the birth of our nation: host to the Tea Party, Paul Revere’s Ride, the Battle of Bunker Hill, and Lexington-Concord, just as examples. Besides growing up in such a historic area, I have been lucky to visit some of America’s most beautiful natural treasures such as the Grand Canyon, Big Sur, and many National Parks.

With July 4th just around the corner, I decided to see what coloring book publishers have to help us celebrate our nation’s history and beauty.  What a choice! From easy and lighthearted to detailed and almost academic, there is something for everyone. What I found particularly great was that many of the books can be shared as a family, making coloring them a learning and bonding experience, and some would be ideal for home-schooling. Read More

Coloring Book Review: Inkspirations for Recovery

Thank you to publisher Health Communications Incorporated for sending this book to me in return for providing my honest and unbiased review. I received no other compensation. This post does contain affiliate links.

Coloring BookInkspirations For Recovery: A Coloring Companion that Celebrates and Supports Living One Day at a Time. By Rokelle Lerner with art by Judy Clement Wall. 72 Pages. Published by Health Communications, Incorporated, February 2016.

I am not in any recovery, but I do have chronic pain and have battled depression since I was young. I practice mindfulness to keep myself grounded and calm, but I’ve never been an affirmation person. So when I received Inkspirations for Recovery, an adult coloring book aimed at anyone experiencing recovery, I didn’t think I would be able to appreciate the benefits beyond those of a traditional coloring book. I was wrong. As you will see, I believe that this a great book for anyone, even those who do not have recovery challenges. Read More

Prismacolor Brush Marker Review

Prismacolor Brush MarkersNOTE: I ordered these Prismacolor Premier Illustration Brush Markers on Amazon and paid full price for them. I enjoy being able to share my opinions and experiences with products to help other consumers in making informed purchasing decisions.

I have always wanted to try some brush-tip markers, but thinking they were only for “real artists” I have stayed away from them. I have a nice set of Prismacolor Premier double-ended (nib/chisel) markers, so I wasn’t ready to duplicate expensive markers just to give brush markers a try.

So when I saw a couple of sets of single-ended brush markers from Prismacolor and Sanford, I made the plunge and bought them. Today I am reviewing the Prismacolor Premier Brush Tip Marker, also called the Prismacolor Premier Illustration Marker. Read More