Adult Coloring 101 – ebook Now Available


The first guide in our new adult coloring series is now available!

Adult Coloring Adult Coloring 101101- Your Guide to the Best Adult Coloring Books, Colored Pencils, Coloring Markers, and More! contains all the information you need to kick-off your coloring fun.  This new guide provides all the basics, including reviews and recommendations for all the tools to get started.

-Coloring Books
…and more.

Currently offered at the introduction price of US$2.99 for U.S. customers, this book by colorist J.P. Anke is a great starter for anyone considering this unique and relaxing pastime. A must-have for you and all the colorists in your life.





One thought on “Adult Coloring 101 – ebook Now Available”

  1. ana luisa says:

    this will be a must have book…

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