My First Adult Coloring Book was … a Magazine


When I made my first baby step into adult coloring, the few I had heard the most about were sold out online.  So, I headed to my closest book store (remember bookstores???) to touch and feel what everyone was so hyped about.

I didn’t want to spend my hard-earned cash unnecessarily.

Relax with Art Adult Coloring Book Magazine
Relax with Art Magazine

Unfortunately, the store’s display with its small selection of adult coloring books was very picked over – the only ones left were over $20; As a rank beginner I wasn’t ready to make that investment.  My husband and I headed out of the store, and as we passed the magazine stand and lo and behold, we saw a few nice-looking coloring magazines at a more reasonable price. I picked up
Relax with Art – Colouring for Adults – Issue 2
for $8.99 (list was £2.99).

Adult Coloring Book Magazine
Relax with Art – Birds

There are 24 pages in the magazine with illustrations that are a mix: realistic (flowers, birds), mandalas, paisleys, abstracts…nice to have something different on each page. All illustrations are single-sided, and since  the magazine is stapled it opens up and folds over quite easily so you don’t have to tear out any pages.

The paper is good quality, and even with my starter set of Crayola colored pencils, the color depth was decent and my first attempts at shading were pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.

Adult Coloring Book Magazine
Relax with Art – My First Shading

I did try some of the “a la carte” pens I bought at Michaels for testing on one illustration, and all of them bled through to the other side of the paper to some extent.  However, I put a safety sheet of paper behind the illustration and I didn’t have any ink transfer to that. Regardless, I decided to stick to my pencils for this magazine because I wasn’t that experienced with the pens yet and wasn’t sure about the paper quality (so much to learn!).

Overall. I was happy with this magazine and will consider tracking down another issue when I am done.  Relax with Art is on Facebook, and you can buy a subscription here. The magazine is from the UK, but they do ship to over 100 countries.  For the 12 month/13 issue subscription for the US, the price is US$77.84  as of the date of this post. The publisher also has a pocket-size collection that is available in single issues at US$6.22; I am ordering one of these today and will do a review at a later time. They also have a couple of other titles available as “singles” including Zentangle and Calm Colour Create.

Have you found any alternative sources for quality adult coloring illustrations?


3 thoughts on “My First Adult Coloring Book was … a Magazine”

  1. I”ve been coloring for a couple of months now and I love it. I work too fast and don’t do shading when I should. Maybe a word about shading or blending would be good. I mostly use Prisma pencils and water color pencils. Some markers too. There’s a great glitter pen that really adds a little sparkle to curly ques, dots, eyes, etc. They are “atyouSpica”. I have your book that has been very helpful. Maybe a paragraph on the odors that emanate from some pens. Be well.

    1. adultcoloring101 says:

      Thank you Sandra! I do in fact have a several posts in the works on shading – for markers and pencils. I’ve not heard about the atyouSpica but I will check them out. And odors? Some people actually like them! For me, some are OK, others not. I am researching the “whys” and some recommendations. Enjoy your coloring!

  2. I never thought about the magazine rack. I will have to tell my DIL to look there for alternative sources of images.

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