Review: Doodlers Anonymous Epic Coloring Book

Most of the adult coloring books I’ve seen at Adult Coloring 101 are drawn by one artist and are often single-themed such as mandalas, animals, abstracts, flowers, creatures, etc. And as much as I love them, sometimes I yearn for something a bit “different” from the often whimsy.

Doodlers Anonymous Coloring Book CoverThat is why a coloring book published earlier this month intrigued me.

First, an introduction: Doodlers Anonymous is an online community for emerging and established artists to share their sometimes unique “doodle” work with the world. This group put together The Doodlers Anonymous Epic Coloring Book with 90 illustrations, each by a different artist. Doodlers Anonymous Doodlers Anonymous Coloring Book Interiordescribes this coloring book as a “…beautiful, breathing, beating, eccentric mashup of pure hand-drawn goodness.”


There is a great mix of styles to satisfy any colorist’s mood: Doodlers Anonymous Coloring Book Interior Some drawings are full of detail and others use broad strokes and white space. Some are realistic, and others abstract or even downright bizarre. Some are simple, and others complex. But all are attention-getting.

This coloring book is printed on thick, 100 lb. off-white paper with a sewn, instead of stapled or glued, binding – great quality.  My only gripe is that I found it a bit tough to color the inside edges of some Doodlers Anonymous Coloring Book Interiorillustrations; the sewn binding makes it a challenge to get the book to lay flat. Wider margins on the inside would have been appreciated!

Each page is two-sided, so if you use markers, be sure to test before you dive in. My Sharpies, however, were fine.

The Doodlers Anonymous Epic Coloring Book has 96 pages and is 8″ x 11″ (approx.). It is available at for $10.57 (at the time this article was posted).

Do you have any unusual coloring book favorites? Share them with us in the comments below!

All images Copyright © 2015 Doodlers Anonymous and Monacelli Press


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    1. adultcoloring101 says:

      I so love “period” coloring books, too! What is the title of the book you are using?

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