11 Great 2016 Calendars for Coloring Fans


Adult Coloring 2016 CalendarIt is the last day of the year and if you are like me, you still haven’t had a look at 2016 calendars.

While I love technology, I also enjoy being able to break away from it now and then. And for planning my days, I use an old-fashioned paper planner, basically because I don’t have a smartphone, and don’t need to schedule with a lot of other people.  Even when I did work in the corporate world, I printed the day’s schedule along with the next seven days and the next four weeks. As the day passed, I made notes on these sheets to capture ideas, to-dos and new appointments, and updated my computer at the end of the day.

I decided this year to find a 2016 calendar that I can color, of course! I waded through some of the many options and here are my favorites:

Secret Garden 2016 Wall Calendar: An Inky Treasure Hunt and 2016 Coloring Calendar
Wall Calendar  US$7.49, 12″x12″, 24 pages
Adult Coloring 2016 CalendarWhat I like: This calendar has twelve designs from the original “Secret Garden” that are larger than in the coloring book, which makes them a bit easier to color.
Adult Coloring 2016 CalendarWhat else: Where the book is printed on Adult Coloring 2016 Calendarcream-colored paper, this calendar is printed on white paper – some people have a preference for cream but frankly I don’t care. The major holidays are U.K. Each month includes a small calendar of the prior month and a preview of the next. The back of the cover page has small full-year calendars for 2015, 2016, and 2017. The cardboard included with the calendar (to keep it safe during shipping) is great for a harder surface when coloring if you are not working on a hard surface.
Drawbacks: Except for the title page, all of the colorable illustrations are printed on the back of the page that has the prior month’s calendar grid, so if you use alcohol-based markers be prepared to muddle-up your history.

Posh: Coloring 2016 Day-to-Day Calendar: For Fun & Relaxation
Desk-Top Page-A-Day,  US$7.49, 6″x5″, 640 pages
Adult Coloring 2016 CalendarWhat I like: With a new page each day to color, you will remember to take your  daily15 minutes of mindfulness relaxation every day!
What else: This calendar has more than 300 images to color – one on each page. Saturday Adult Coloring 2016 Calendarand Sunday are combined on one page. The illustrations include still-lifes, as well as patterns and abstracts.
Drawbacks: There isn’t much space to add appointments, reminders or notes.

Color Your Year Wall Calendar 2016: Mindful Coloring Through the Seasons
Wall Calendar, US$12.59, 12″x12″ , 28 pages
Adult Coloring 2016 CalendarWhat I like: There are small, cute illustrations right on the calendar itself, such as gift boxes in Adult Coloring 2016 CalendarsDecember.
What else: This calendar has large seasonally-themed illustrations such as hearts in February, dragonflies in June, leaves in October and snowflakes in December. The numbers on the calendar grid are randomly colored which is a nice touch!
Drawback: Each month’s illustration does spread from one page to the actual calendar page, making coloring across the binding a bit quirky.

“Color It” Adult Coloring 2016 Planning Calendar and Coloring Book
Planner, US12.49, 8.5″x11″,
Adult Coloring 2016 CalendarWhat I like: Plenty of room to write, set weekly goals, track important dates, and keep you on schedule.Adult Coloring 2016 Calendar
What else: This calendar/planner has one page per week with modern illustrations and motivational quotes.
Drawbacks: Constantly on the move, I like to carry my planner in my bag so I can jot down notes and ideas on the fly – sometimes literally. This one is too big for that.

2016 Color Lover’s Weekly Coloring Calendar
Planner, US$13.49, 8.5″ x11″, 124 pages
Adult Coloring 2016 CalendarWhat I like: The designs are on the right to make coloring easier (unless you are left-handed!).
What else: This planner has 53 different illustrations (one per week, plus one) to color-in. It also has monthly pages. The designs are from five different artists, with a good range of subjects including mandalas, ocean life, birds, and pirates.
Drawbacks: Once again, great for keeping on your desk but a bit too large for carrying around.

2016 Action Coloring Day Planner
Planner, US$13.95, 7″x8.5″, 144 pages (also available in 8.5″x11″)
Adult Coloring 2016 CalendarWhat I like: Size! Small enough to fit in all of my various bags.
What else: With weekly and monthly views, this calendar has a colorable image for each week; the Adult Coloring 2016 CalendarAdult COloring 2016 Calendarmonths have “banner” images. There are plenty of areas to set goals, jot down ideas and, of course, enter appointments.
Drawback: I am not crazy about the spiral binding.

Posh: Coloring 2015-2016 Large Monthly/Weekly Planning Calendar
Planner,  US$13.49, 7″x9″ 144 pages
Adult Coloring 2016 CalendarWhat I like: Lots of white space on each week for jotting down ideas and notes; 54 beautiful, varied illustrations.
What else: This planner has a lay-flat binding. There is a page for each month and each week. There Adult Coloring 2016 CalendarAdult Coloring 2016 Calendarare also a 2017 overview and reference pages.
Drawback: 2015 pages (August-December). Don’t need ’em – would rather have blank space for doodling!.

Calendraw Boston
Wall Calendar, US$9.99, 8.5″x11″ 26 Pages
Adult Coloring 2016 CalendarWhat I like: I grew up in Boston, so I wanted to love everything about this calendar. Looking at Adult Coloring 2016 Calendarthe twelve illustrations of places around my hometown bring back great memories.
This calendar was created by a Massachusettsian.
Drawback: The illustrations themselves for coloring purposes: I just can’t get into those drawings that are “extracted” from photographs.

2016 Coloring My Days Calendar
Planner, US$21.97, 10.5″x8″, 164 Pages
Adult Coloring 2016 CalendarWhat I like: The illustrations in this planner are single-sided so I can use markers.
What else: This planner has 13 beautiful mandalas. Along with a full year overview, it also has 52 2-page weekly sections and monthly calendars.
Drawback: Again, a spiral binding – great for catching onto things in my bags.
2016 Coloring Calendar: An Adult Coloring Calendar
Planner, US$26.99, 8.5″x11″, 630 pages
Adult Coloring 2016 CalendarWhat I like: This thing is huge!
What else: With one illustration per weekday (combined Saturday/Sunday) each page is single-sided. Adult Coloring 2016 CalendarAdult Coloring 2016 CalendarDesigns include mandalas, flowers and all in Jenean Morrison’s beautiful style. Each day page combines the drawing and “free-form” lined section so you can write whatever you want – it would be excellent for journaling.
Drawback: This thing is huge! At two inches thick and almost 4 pounds of shipping weight, this is in no way portable.

‘Color Therapy’ Planner
Planner, US$23.20,  5″x7″, 114 Pages
Adult Coloring 2016 CalendarWhat I like: You can color a new illustration to make a different cover (included).
What else: This planner packs monthly, weekly, note-taking and checklist sections into its 114 Adult Coloring 2016 Calendar Adult Coloring 2016 Calendarpages. Double-sided pages. In case the calendared illustrations aren’t enough for you, there are a few pages in the back that are simply drawings for coloring. PVC cover.
Drawback: This is an undated planner so you will need to inspire yourself to get started!

My final choice: I am using the ‘Color Therapy’ Planner: great size, enough room for all my notes, and I can change the cover! And filling in the days will give me a chance to reflect on opportunities for the upcoming month.

Have you chosen an adult coloring calendar for 2016? What did you choose and why?  Share your find in the comments below!

Photos: Calendar: Public Domain; All Others: Copyright Publishers & Authors



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