Top 4 Ways to Get Into the Star Wars Craze

Star Wars: The Force Awakens had its big glitzy Hollywood premiere last night  and will be released to the general public on December 18th.
Image from Wikimedia Commons
Image from Wikimedia Commons

It has been ten years since the last Star Wars installment, so hard-core fans are already lining up to get the first tickets for midnight showings. There are also two new groups of folks getting ready. The first is like me: people who never really “got it” the first time around. The second group is made up of the grandkids of people who were in their late teens and early twenties when the first Star Wars movie hit the screens in 1977.

Regardless of whether you are a current Star Wars fan, or a newly indoctrinated one, here is my countdown of the top four ways to get yourself ready for this event.

4. Find a great theater – and be prepared to wait.
If you have an IMAX 3D cinema nearby, you will be able to get the best viewing experience. Believe it or not, most of the tickets for these showings have already been scooped up, so be prepared to wait until tickets are available a few days (or weeks) after the insanity has passed. Or settle for a “regular” screen. Personally, I’ll wait it out to get a ticket for the IMAX 3D with recliners – pricey for a movie, but I rarely go out, and my herniated discs will thank me!

3. Watch the original movies, in order
If you are one of the newbies, you’ll be lost if you don’t have a decent grasp of the story. Even the most hard-core Star Wars fans will admit that some are better than others : Episodes I through III, aren’t great, but the payoff is the next three that start with the original 1977 film. If you cannot find them to stream for free, Amazon has a bunch of options to buy single or sets of the movies,  If you don’t have the time to “invest,” has pulled together what they are calling an “art installation” showing all six movies at once – either in grid form (see below) or in a stack of all six of the films on top of each other.

2. Get dressed for the part
Part of the fun of franchises like Star Wars is the community. Some folks are more gung-ho than others, but they will all try a bit of dress-up, which is called “cosplay” (a combination of the words costume and play). There are “levels” of cosplay options from a basic t-shirt  to full-out costumes. Note that if you go full-on and get a costume, stay away from masks when you go to the movie – most theaters have banned them. Also recommended: keep the light sabers and other fake weapons at home.

1. Color!
Of course! Star Wars: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity and Relaxation features a variety of illustrations for beginner and experienced colorists alike. Subjects include characters, patterns, mandalas, and landscapes.

Star Wars Adult Coloring

The drawings range from simple mandalas to more challenging characters. The book has a sturdy cardboard cover that gives enough stability without needing a clipboard when coloring on the couch. The illustrations are printed on both sides of each page, so if you want to use all of them, alcohol-based markers are out of the question.

Four designs span across two pages. And as the book has a sewn binding, be careful if trying to remove individual pages as they may tear.

In this coloring book there are a lot of the elements from the first three Star Wars films, and there are not any from the new movie – the studio has done quite a job keeping all details about this movie under wraps.

Star Wars Adult ColoringStar Wars Adult Coloring

The book has 120 pages and is approximately 8″W x 12″H. It is available on for US $11.53 and for CD$ 12.63.


There is a second adult coloring book coming out in February which we are hoping will have some illustrations from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You can preorder the Star Wars Art Therapy Colouring Book on for US$12.09.Star Wars Adult COloring
Preorder is not yet available on, but you can ask to receive an email when it is ready – simply go to its page and ask to be notified when it is ready by clicking the “Email to Me” button.

What about you – are you a Star Wars fan? Let us know in the comments below!

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