BIC MarkIt Ultra Fine Markers: The Ultimate Ultra Fine?

BIC MarkIt Ultra Fine 36 Count

Looking for a great set of ultra fine markers? When I am coloring-in detailed illustrations, that is what I want. My Sharpies have been my go-to for a few years now.

However, as I’ve advanced in my techniques, the 24 colors that Sharpie gives me just aren’t enough to let me do some multi-color shading to bring depth and life to my coloring.

So it was great that, for Christmas, I received a 36-count pack of BIC Mark-it Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers. I’ve been giving them a good workout, and I must say, I find myself grabbing my BICs more often than my faithful old Sharpies.

36 Great Colors

I love that this set of markers has 36 great colors, including pastels and neutrals. This means that I have been able to create some great color palettes and use multi-color shading techniques.

Fantastic Price
On Amazon, this 36-pen set currently costs $24.49, which is $0.68 each. The Sharpies? $19.88 for 24 colors, which is $0.82 each.

Unique Packaging

BIC went all out on the package for the MarkIts!  You receive the markers in a unique, folding clamshell.  Every pen clicks into its own slot, and when the package is completed unfolded, they are all right there in front of you.  Great for when you are coloring on a surface, although a bit clunky when I am coloring in my recliner.

Key Features:

  • Vivid ink
  • Low odor
  • Won’t Dry Out when cap is left off for 2 weeks on classic colors: Blue, Black, Red and Green
  • Acid-Free ink (won’t destroy paper over time)
  • ACMI approved non-toxic
  • Comfortable dimpled rubber grip
  • Color name printed on barrel
  • Color-coordinated grip, tip and clip

What Others are Saying
These are very popular markers. As I write this post, there are 434 reviews on with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Some comments from verified purchasers include:

“These are my favorite markers for adult coloring books.”
“Great alternative to Sharpies!!”
“…good ink pigment saturation…Very smooth even flow.”

The only complaint I saw a few times: the MarkIts bleed. One user even wrote that they “….bleed like a head wound.” Folks, all alcohol markers will bleed on any paper not specially made for markers, such as the BeePaper Bleed-proof Marker Pad.

BIC MarkIt Ultra Fine
BIC MarkIt Ultra Fine Color Chart

My only nitpick: the color on the clip, grip and tip isn’t exactly the color you will get in your coloring book. As with all of my media (pens, pencils, and markers alike) I made a color chart to keep handy when using them.

BIC MarkIt

I do have to mention that there was one strange thing with my package: The barrels on three of the markers were labeled “BIC Marking” and did not have a color name printed on them. I went to the BIC website and determined the color names by the process of elimination. I then wrote the colors on the barrel with the Tuxedo Black marker. Problem solved!

BIC Mark-It Permanent Marker, Ultra Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 36-Count

My Verdict
I love these markers because of the number of colors, great price and quality of the color. That they are comfortable to hold as well is a bonus. I will definitely buy another set when I need to.

Alternatives to the BIC MarkIts, as well as other products mentioned in this post:

Learn more about the BIC Mark-It Ultra Fine Point Markers here.

Do you have a favorite marker for coloring detail?  Let us know what it is in the comments section below!


One thought on “BIC MarkIt Ultra Fine Markers: The Ultimate Ultra Fine?”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Great review thanks! I have the regular fine point of these which I love, but haven’t tried the ultra fine pt ones yet. Definitely on my list as I’ve got some others to use up first. Got some Stabilos for Christmas! 🙂

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