Ikea’s Latest? Coloring Pages to Calm

It is only “Hump Day” and you’re already itching to pull out the markers and color the stress away. And to satisfy your yearning, IKEA, the home of “fiscally responsible furnishings for all,” has come to the rescue.

Normally I think of stress when I think of IKEA – building a PAX wardrobe with it’s 150+ pieces of hardware can’t be called a calming experience.  However, now you can color one! IKEA has released five free adult coloring pages covered with lamps, couches, chairs, even their FORNUFT tableware and fanciful plants.

© IKEA Group

IKEA coloring pages
© IKEA Group

The individual designs are very cute and simple. They are also a great way to go crazy with color options: I always wanted an olive green polka-dot shade on my TORSBO lamp. And as I colored, I did start to think about other printables IKEA could create, such as scenes of rooms furnished and decorated with their products, like their in-store displays. Or food items from the restaurant and grocery areas, including GRÖNSAKSBULLAR vegetable balls with lingonberry preserves.

I also enjoyed matching the items on the coloring pages to the online catalog. Of course, this was probably IKEA’s intent – to get more people to visit their site and buy all the plush throws, storage units, and those four glass tea light holders for $1.99 that are just so cute even though I don’t own tea lights!

IKEA coloring page
My first completed IKEA coloring page

You can get the coloring pages here. IKEA has done a great job by making them PDF files so that they are super easy to print; you don’t even have to save them to your computer if you do not want to. Be sure to share your completed pages on social media with the #ColorWithIKEA hashtag.

Are you going to give these coloring pages a try? What do you think of them?  Let us know in the comments below!

One thought on “Ikea’s Latest? Coloring Pages to Calm”

  1. Stephanie says:

    LOL @ putting together thier furniture not being relaxing whatsoever! So true. Heh! That said I think this is a fun idea! I’ll be checking the pages out for sure and agree there are so many other potential directions they could go with this.

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