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new adult coloring books

Artists and publishers are still at it: creating and publishing oodles of new adult coloring books to keep up with the demand.  I do mean oodles: there are almost 300 books in the  Amazon.com “Coloring Books for Grown-ups” category that are scheduled for release before the end of the year.  And that is only the ones that have been announced.  There are bizarro books (literally!), more dot-to-dot, posh, crosswords, non-book formats, cats, dogs, and grumpy cats, among so many others. Quite a pile of options to sift through, even though you may have your eyes on Johanna Basford’s Magical Jungle which is due out on August 9th.

I have taken a look at the new adult coloring books scheduled for release this Summer and here are the ones I am looking forward to getting my hands – and markers – on:

Note: Prices were accurate when this was posted – please check before you buy as online prices can and do change frequently.

new adult coloring books1. Grimm Fairy Tales Adult Coloring Book Different Seasons
96 Pages, Available August 30.

Why? I am a fan of well-written spooky horror, but when it comes to coloring books I avoid the shlocky gore-filled comic-book-y ones. This follow-up to the best-selling Grimm Fairy Tales coloring book promises quality artwork for its 45 spooky illustrations. Subjects include “…playful costumed fairy tale characters to frighteningly chilling monsters!”

Available for pre-order: $9.41 at Amazon.com,  CD$14.91 at Amazon.ca and £11.99 at Book Depository

2. Color Your Own Origami: Creative, Colorful, Relaxing Fun

adult coloring book new releases32 pages, 7×7,  Available August 30

Why? I have piles of colored-in illustrations, so I am on a constant search for ways to use them.  This kit provides a solution, and combines the relaxation of an adult coloring book and the art of origami in one. Everything you need is right in the package: 48 sheets of patterned origami paper, 7 colored pens and detailed step-by-step instructions.

Available for pre-order: $12.95 at Amazon.com, CD$15.81 at Amazon.ca, and  £16.23 at Book Depository.

3. For Time Garden & Time Machine Fans – All Available August 23

adult coloring books new releasesThe Time Garden Coloring Journal   The Time Garden Coloring Journal transposes the magical drawings of Daria Song onto an elegant hardcover journal format, with illustrations to color and space to write and dream on every page. 144 pages.

Available for Pre-Order: $16.99 at Amazon.com, CD$20.26 at Amazon.ca, and £11.62 at Amazon.co.uk.

The Time Garden Week-at-a-Glance Coloring Diary This diary  has a  full page to color each week to make planning a pleasure. 144 pages

Available for Pre-Order $14.99 at Amazon.com, $19.78 at Amazon.ca, and £10.34 at Amazon.co.uk

The Time Garden Note Cards: Color-In Note Cards 12 cards with envelopes.

Available for Pre-Order: $15.99 at Amazon.com, CD$19.37 at Amazon.ca, and £13.13 at Amazon.co.uk

4. The Quilt Design Coloring Workbook: 91 Modern Art-Inspired Designs and Exercises

adult coloring books new releases144 pages, 9 x 10, Available August 9

Why? Not only is this a coloring book, but an interactive workbook to help you understand color, pattern and design using quilt patterns.

Available for Pre-Order: $18.95 at Amazon.com, CD$28.65 at Amazon.ca, and £13.99 at Amazon.co.uk


5. Fantastic Cities: Coloring Poster Set 

adult coloring book new releasesWhy? Format!  I’d love a “larger” coloring experience sometimes, and these detailed posters look like they’ll be awesome. The set includes 5 of artist Steve McDonald’s detailed cityscapes in a large (20″ x 20″), frame-able size.  Four designs are from the bestselling Fantastic Cities book, and one image that had been exclusive to the coloring calendar.

Available for Pre-Order: $18.95 at Amazon.comCD$27.95 at Amazon.ca , and £9.75 at Book Depository.

6. Colortronic: A Kaleidoscopic Coloring Challenge

new adult coloring books64 Pages,  Available August 2

Why? Sometimes you want someone to tell you what colors to use. Colortronic features a new, easy-to-use color-by-number system.  Illustrations include new adult coloring booksrealistic animals and landscapes, and pages are perforated.

Available for Pre-order: $10.95 Amazon.com, CD$13.17 at Amazon.ca, and £8.94 at Amazon.co.uk.

7. Millie Marotta’s Wild Savannah: Deluxe Edition

new adult coloring books128 Pages, Available August 2; September 9 in UK

Why? Sometimes I do really want a “keepsake” adult coloring book, and this has all of the features I could think of:

  • gorgeous, detailed hand-drawn illustrations
  • printed single-sided on thick paper (180gsm)
  • a beautiful cover: hardcover, linen-bound with screenprinted illustrations and foiling.

Illustrations include animals and plants of the savannah.  It also has 14 fold-outs and 5 separate drawings in an envelope at the back of the book.

This would make an awesome gift for the dedicated colorist in your life….

Available for Pre-Order: $35.00 at Amazon.com,  $39.50 at Amazon.ca, and £21.25 at Amazon.co.uk

8. Creative Haven Wild Techellations Coloring Book

new adult coloring books64 Pages, 8.2″ x 11″, Available July 20

Why? Sometimes intricate designs are what calm me, and this one has 31 of them that feature interlocked patterns of items from nature: seahorses, snails, etc.  Illustrations are printed on one side of perforated pages.

Available for Pre-Order: $5.99 at Amazon.com, CD$8.oo at Amazon.ca, and £3.99 at Amazon.co.uk.


9. Art of Coloring: Disney Animals: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity and Relaxation

new adult coloring books128 pages, 8.2″ x 11.8″, Available July 16

Why? Who doesn’t need a bit of childhood in their stress-relieving activities? This book is full of Landscapes, patterns, and characters from Disney’s animated feature films. The hardcover has double metallic foil stamping.

Available for Pre-Order: $10.14 at Amazon.com, CD$15.26 at Amazon.ca, and £9.66 at Book Depository.


10. Color Groovy

new adult coloring books64 Pages, 8″ x 11″, Available July 6; July 29 in UK

Why? For when I am feeling funky and want a lot of different designs. This book has 26 designs from Thaneeya McArdle including flowers, paisleys, owls, shooting stars, birds, butterflies, peace signs, psychedelic mushrooms and more. Pages are singled-sided and perforated, and the introduction includes some pointers on coloring.

Available for Pre-Order: $7.66 at Amazon.com, CD$9.75 at Amazon.ca, and £6.72 at Amazon.co.uk 

11. Portable Color Me Stress-Free: 70 Coloring Templates to Unplug and Unwind

new adult coloring books156 Pages, 6″ x 7″, Available July 1; July 7 in UK

Why? I travel quite a bit, and this is the perfect size to throw in my new adult coloring bookscarry-on bag. There are 70 designs, organized into 7 therapeutically-themed chapters.

Available for Pre-Order: $9.98 at Amazon.com, CD$10.66 at Amazon.ca, and £6.82 at Amazon.co.uk.


12. Imagimorphia: An Extreme Coloring and Search Challenge

new adult coloring books77 Pages, Released June 21

OK, I said there would be 11 new coloring books in this post, but I have to add Kerby Rosanes’ newest even though it has already been new adult coloring booksreleased.  Rosanes is the artist behind the very popular Doodle Invasion: Zifflin’s Coloring Book (Volume 1) and Animorphia: An Extreme Coloring and Search Challenge coloring books. This new adult coloring book is for the “expert” colorist with good vision!  In Imagimorphia, animals and objects morph into intricate detail, along with hidden objects. 100 pound paper will handle almost any medium. The contents include the full-size coloring pages, 3 pages of “draw-your-own” inspirations, a 5-page introduction to coloring, 3 pages showing the hidden objects, and an 8 page index.

Available Now: $9.62 at Amazon.com, CD$15.12 at Amazon.ca,  and £7.13 at Amazon.co.uk.

Are you excited about an upcoming new release not mentioned here?  Let us know in the comments below!

Image Credits: Coloring-book-for-adults-1396833” by the3cats is licensed under CC BY 2.0; all other copyright respective publishers/authors.



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  1. donna g kennedy says:

    Very nice/unusual assortment. It will be difficult to select one.

  2. Nice collection. I’ve earmarked a couple for me (toss up between cute Disneyl animals and Grimm’s) and have friends that will love the color your own origami.

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