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plinrise markersEver had a tough time getting your marker into those tiny spaces in those extravagantly detailed illustrations? Without feathering outside the lines? Then I have found an option for you!

Overview : Plinrise Fine Line Markers

fine line markersPlinrise Fine Line Markers have a thin (0.4 mm) nib in a metal-clad tip. At $12.99 for 24, they clock in at $0.54 per pen.The markers are packaged in a lovely sturdy plastic case with side clips – perfect for storage and carrying in your bag when you are on the go. This case is a vast improvement over the plastic sleeves that some markers have, and which tend to fall apart. The current customer rating on is 3½ stars.

fine line markers
Plinrise Color Swatch

The 24 colors in this set include multiple shades of green, red, orange, pink, and blue that make it easy to shade.  All of the colors are bold and vibrant.

The caps and ends are roughly indicative of the ink, but you will want to create a color swatch, and possibly mark the pens with the color names or numbers (as I did) because some caps don’t perfectly match the ink

fine line markers
Plinrise Markers in “Soul Coats

color. For example, I found that the pen with the lighter purple ink (Lavender) has a darker cap and end than the pen with the darker purple ink (Violet). None of the colors are named, so I made up the names on my swatch.


The ink in these fine line markers is vibrant and lays down smoothly on many different papers. However, it can appear streaky on larger areas and you will get banding if you overlap layers. Instead of using these to color-in big areas on an illustration, I found using them to fill in larger spaces with additional details, such as circles, dots and wavy lines, worked quite well. I used my Crayola Supertips or Prismacolor Premier markers to color larger areas when I did want to fill them with solid color.

fine line markers
Plinrise Tips

The high density fiber tips of the markers are very firm and dispense ink evenly and smoothly. Even with pressure (and I did test!) the tips did not retreat into the metal collar, nor did they splay.

The caps stay securely snapped onto the pen, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off and letting the ink dry up. The caps stay firmly on the end while you are coloring. The black, hexagonal barrels are thin and light, and very comfortable to hold. They feel much like the Stabilo Point 88.

Product Tip: For the best results, use light, short strokes when coloring with these markers.

I did find at times that the ink seemed to be drying up and skipping on the paper.  I gave the marker a good shake, as advised by the seller, waited a few minutes and everything was back to normal.

Bleed Through/Feathering

As with other water-based markers, these fine line markers’ performance on bleeding varied depending on particular paper characteristics and how many layers of color that you lay down. For example, I did have some bleed-through on the paper in my Creative Haven Mehndi Designs coloring book as well as Fractals. In Lost Ocean and my Inkspirations books I had some faint shading but no bleeding whatsoever.

Plinrise Fine Line Markers
Back-of-Page Bleed Results

One of the big benefits of using these fine-point markers instead of my beloved BIC Markits is that they do not feather on paper, even paper with some tooth. It was so easy to color tiny details without the worry that the ink would spread outside the outline.

The Verdict

Overall I am satisfied with the Plinrise Fine Line Markers.  The colors are vibrant and the mix means that you can do some shading when you want to add some depth to your coloring. My only wish is that there were more colors, specifically tints/pastels.  I rate them 3 stars.

The Plinrise Fine Line Markers are available at, and

I ordered this product on Amazon and received it at a discount in return for the possibility that I would provide and honest and unbiased review.  All thoughts and opinions in this review are my own. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe my readers will like. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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2 thoughts on “Plinrise Fine Line Markers – REVIEW”

  1. Excellent/honest detailed review. The product will enhance supplies of someone who is at advanced coloring level.

  2. Stephanie M. says:

    They sound great! How do you think they compare to the Stabilo 88 fine points? I have those but wondering if either the colors or laydown of these are different enough to warrant both. The colors look so vibrant! Thank you!

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