6 Halloween Coloring Books to Get Into the “Spirit!”


halloween coloringThe kids are settled back in school, it is now officially autumn, and Costco has had Christmas decorations out since mid-August.  So, what happened to Halloween?

Halloween is one of my favorite “holidays,”  so I am not going to let it go by without a list of some interesting Halloween coloring books. I dove into the hundreds of Halloween coloring book options to find some great ones for you.  And there is something for everyone, including truly “adult,” family, seasonal atmosphere and classics.

So grab your orange pencils and markers, unwrap your mini-Snickers (yes, you Mom!), and get going on one or more of these great Halloween and Autumn-themed coloring books.

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The Beauty of Horror: A GOREgeous Coloring Book.

By Alan Robert. Paperback, to be released October 4, 2016 (November 1, Canada; October 6, UK).
Not yet rated.

“Welcome to ‘art therapy’ for the abnormal.”

Nothing says Halloween like horror and The Beauty of Horror is just that. Like a mashup of Sixth Sense, The Shining and Secret Garden, you will find bizarre carnivals, hanging ghouls, haunted mirrors, and so much more in the 80 pages.  The book measures 9.8” x 9.9”halloween coloring

With a red foiled cover and high quality paper, the interior front and back covers and flaps are colorable. The illustrations are printed on both sides of the paper, however, so alcohol-based markers are out of the question unless you want to sacrifice a design on the reverse of a page.

What I really love about this book is the variety, which includes scenes, patterns, and abstracts.  There are very few duplicated elements, which is great because I am not a fan of coloring the same leaf style on 10 different halloween coloringillustrations. Along with ghosts, ghouls and graves, you will also find bats, skeletons, vampires and the ilk throughout.

The book also includes a bit of a story line as well as a “search and find” element.  The story follows a girl named Ghouliana who finds herself in a creepy world and uses lost treasures such as spiders and axes to find her way through. The back of the book includes a key to Ghouliana’s lost treasures.

This is not an easy Halloween coloring book, however: most of the designs are intricate, although the detail on halloween coloringsome is for texture so you don’t have to color in every single space independently. You will need sharp pencils and extra-fine markers and pens. Some pages are “chock-a-block” dense extending to the very edges of the paper and into the gutter.  Other designs leave space in the center of the page or at the margins so you can exercise your own morbid creativity if you like.  There are several two-page spreads.  The book easily lays flat so accessing the details in the margins is not difficult.

The Beauty of Horror is available for pre-order at Amazon.com for $10.79, Amazon.ca for $20.70  and Amazon.co.uk for £14.16.

Jasmine Becket-Griffith Halloween Coloring Book: A Spine-Tingling Fantasy Art Adventure 

halloween coloringBy Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Paperback, released September 8, 2016.
Average Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars  (20 customer reviews)

Jasmine Becket-Griffith is popular for her “big eyed girl” Strangeling characters. This book has 96 pages, with 46 single-sided illustrations and 3 pages of introductory material. It is 8.5” x 11.”

Many of the designs in this book are portraits of the artist’s Strangeling characters in various autumnal and Halloween-themed settings that include pumpkins, witches, skeletons, wolves, cats, and vampires. The girls are, variously, goths, witches, and fairies, among other characters.  Nearly all of the images feature a full body with a complete background, but there are a few that are done in portrait style and some that feature four halloween coloringsmaller pictures grouped together.

Most of the drawings in this book are more cutesy than scary. For inspiration, you can see Jasmine’s original paintings:  simply search for the title of the image on Jasmine’s website . This is also a great book for trying out shading techniques.

There is quite a bit of variety in terms of detail. Some of the illustrations have open spaces for those who like simpler coloring or to add their own flourishes.

halloween coloringThe binding is sewn and the cover is thick card stock with a removable dust jacket. The illustrations are printed on premium, heavy paper. Print quality is high. None of the drawings run into the gutter. You can carefully remove the pages, although you will need to cut them because they are not perforated.

All mediums work well, but alcohol based markers will bleed through the paper. However, the reverse of each is a written description of the following illustration so make sure to use a slip-sheet to avoid spotting the next drawing and you will be OK.

Overall, this is a high quality book and a fun take on Halloween.

Halloween Coloring Book is available at Amazon.com for $15.70, Amazon.ca for $22.72, and Amazon.co.uk for £11.97.

Autumn Magic: Gorgeous Autumn Patterns to Color

By Barron’s Educational Series. Paperback, released August 1, 2016.  Average Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (3 customer reviews).

Autumn Magic is a Halloween coloring book…and more.  Its 80 pages have 78 illustrations and 2 pages of additional information. It is 8.9” x 8.5.”

Designs include leaves, acorns, squirrels, scarecrows, skulls, witches, turkeys, cornucopias, and more. Most of the images are related to Autumn and/or Halloween, although a few of them seemed a bit more general in nature. There are also a few patterns interspersed among the scenes.

Each drawing is framed by a thin, decorative border. Line weight and detail does vary slightly between halloween coloringpictures and print quality is excellent. None of the images run into the gutter, so you can cut out pages if you want to.

Do note that the designs in this book are not original artwork – the collection was compiled from licensed online image databases such as Shutterstock and iStock. You may find illustrations that you have already seen in other books.

With a sewn binding, the book has a matte cover with foil accents. The inside front and back covers are fully illustrated and one is colorable.  The paper in this book is bright white light card stock. All pages are halloween coloringdouble sided and non-perforated.

Alcohol-based markers do bleed through the paper and will ruin the design on the reverse of the page. Even if you decide to go ahead with these markers, use a slip-sheet as I did find that ink occasionally “spotted” onto the design on the next page. My extra-fine water-based markers did shadow and even bleed through in areas where I made several layers of color. Colored pencils work well and I got good pigment coverage, layering and blending.

Autumn Magic is available at Amazon.com for $11.91, Amazon.ca for $14.84, and Amazon.co.uk for £9.99.

Grimm Fairy Tales Adult Coloring Book: Different Seasons

By Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco et al. Paperback, release Date October 4
Not yet rated.

This 96 page coloring book has 45 “spooky”-ish illustrations. You will either love it or hate it, and I have to admit that as much as I love the quality and construction, it is not my cup of tea.  I so wish the drawings inside were more like the one on the cover! However, so  many folks love it’s predecessor, Grimm Fairy Tales Adult Coloring Book, I decided to include it in this listing.

Like it’s forerunner,  this book puts the “adult” back into “adult coloring book.” If you are into coloring halloween coloringelaborately detailed pictures of well-endowed women in provocative poses, albeit in horror/fantasy scenes, you will love it. Along with plenty of cleavage to shade, there are a few pages of abstract patterns interspersed among the scenes but they seem simple and out of place in such an otherwise lush book.

Although Different Seasons has not yet been released, one could assume the quality will be the same as the first book: very nice, but the illustrations run into the gutter and the pages are not perforated. As a halloween coloringresult, if you want to remove the pages you will need to use scissors or an X-acto, and will risk losing some of the design.  However, the pages are single-sided, so if you use markers you don’t have to worry about wasting half of the designs but do use a slip-sheet to avoid spotting onto the next image.

Different Seasons is available for pre-order at Amazon.com for $9.33, Amazon.ca for $10.07, Amazon.co.uk for £13.99

 HalloweenScapes by Dover Publications

by Jessica Mazurkiewicz. Paperback, released July 2011.
Average rating 4.3 out of 5 stars (92 customer reviews)

Every list needs to have a deal, and this is it for Halloween coloring books. At 8.2” x 10.8” , this coloring book has 30 pages of motifs and patterns including skeletons, candy, haunted houses, jack-o’-lanterns, a host of creepy creatures, Frankenstein, wizards, werewolves, and witches.  This is classic Halloween, and a book the whole family will enjoy coloring,

These patterns are high quality, and while there is a bit of repetition in each halloween coloringpage, each version of each element is a bit different.

The relatively smooth, bright white paper on the lighter side, so even halloween coloringwater-based markers can bleed through.

All in all, this book is a great value, fun, and could even be a great Halloween party favor.

HalloweenScapes is available at Amazon.com for $3.99, Amazon.ca for $5.25, and Amazon.co.uk for £2.99 

Edgar Allan Poe: An Adult Coloring Book  

by Odessa Begay.  Paperback, released September 6
Average rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars (7 reviews)

This 96-page, 9.8” x 9.8” book takes its inspiration from Poe’s dark, sometimes macabre, stories and poems of grief, sorrow, loss, and anguish. Each design quotes from one of Poe’s works, such as  The Gold Bug, The Pit and the Pendulum, and The Oblong Box.halloween coloring

The illustrations in Edgar Allan Poe are surrealistic and hand-drawn. However, they are not “dense” drawings:  most fill the page but the elements can be quite open – with lots of white space.  This would be a great option for those who like to color backgrounds. Subjects include skulls, ghouls, jewels, cats, skulls, candles, sinking houses, tombs, ravens, and more skulls.

The book itself is nicely constructed with a sturdy cover and heavy pages.  All media work well, but as halloween coloringthe illustrations are printed on both side of the pages, alcohol-based markers are a problem unless you are willing to sacrifice the design on the reverse of the page. The pages are not perforated, and some 2-page spreads run into the binding.

Edgar Allan Poe is available at Amazon.com for $9.82, Amazon.ca for $14.91, and Amazon.co.uk , starting October 7, for £12.08.

Do you have any favorite Halloween coloring books that I missed?  Share your ideas with us in the comments section below!


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  1. I won’t waste my money on any of these. They are over priced for the number of drawings and quality of the drawings. I could go to Walmart or Target and pick up a kids coloring book and get better designs, scan them in and print them out on drawing paper.

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