10 Great Gifts for Guys: 2016 Holiday Gift Guide


holiday gifts for guysIt sounds cliche, but some boys and men just don’t get the appeal of coloring affirmations and pretty designs, so choosing coloring-related holiday gifts for guys, whether they are your partner, spouse, father, son, grandfather, etc., can be tough.  Even I haven’t been able to get my husband to join the fun!

So for this holiday I made a special effort to find some coloring-related gifts for guys that might spark even my husband’s interest. Help any guy on your list become a “coloristo” with these 10 coloring books ideas I found:

1.  Men Coloring Book
holiday gifts for guys
Frankly, the pictures inside Men Coloring Book are similar to other coloring books, but the cover announcing it as a men’s coloring book might make it holiday gifts for guysa bit more attractive. The designs are primarily geometric – no flowers, bows or cute scenes. Each full-page drawing  is printed on a single page with the reverse left blank, so if you want to use alcohol-based markers that is OK, but use a page protector underneath.

Available on Amazon.com for $8.99, Amazon.ca for $12.05, and Amazon.co.uk for £3.99.

2.  The Amazing Colouring Book for MEN, by Elizabeth James
holiday gifts for guys
The Amazing Colouring Book for MEN is full of bikes, beer, cars, camping, holiday gifts for guyssports and gadgets. It is one of the REALLY Relaxing Coloring Books series by Elizabeth James.

Available on Amazon.com for $6.95, Amazon.ca for $8.98, and Amazon.co.uk for £3.95. Also available from Book Depository.
3.  American Muscle Cars, 1960-1975, by Bruce LaFontaine
holiday gifts for guys
This coloring book is by Bruce Fontaine, an award-winning artist, writer, and graphic designer who specializes in books about history, science, transportation, and architecture. Bruce has written and illustrated 70 Dover titles, many of them coloring books, and his work has appeared in Scientific American, The Wall Street Journal, and other prominent publications. holiday gifts for guysAmerican Muscle Cars has 44 single-sided pages of very detailed designs of legendary cars.  The cars have a variety of commercial and residential backdrops and include the 1962 Ford Thunderbird, 1964 Corvette Stingray, 1968 Chevy Impala SS 427, 1969 Chevy Camaro Z/28, and many more. Each image is accompanied by facts and statistics for the car. Unfortunately double-sided so alcohol-based markers are not good.

Available on Amazon.com for $3.83, Amazon.ca for $6.64, and Amazon.co.uk for £2.99. Also available from Book Depository.

4.  Unicorns Are Jerks: A Coloring Book Exposing the Cold, Hard, Sparkly Truth, by Theo Lorenz
holiday gifts for guys
This is a humorous, offbeat coloring book with 18 examples of unicorns holiday gifts for guystexting in theaters, farting in elevators, eating your leftovers, and generally acting like jerks. The drawings in Unicorns Are Jerks are relatively easy to color.  Some of the reviews on Amazon are funny, too!

Available on Amazon.com for $7.99, Amazon.ca for $10.32, and Amazon.co.uk for £4.44. Also available from Book Depository.

5.  Memos to Sh**ty People, by James Alexander
holiday gifts for guysNormally I don’t like coloring books full of negative sentiment, and I don’t curse (out loud!).  But I will admit that sometimes I do want to swear at the incompetents I encounter as I meander through my life. Memos to Sh**ty Peopleholiday gifts for guys gives me a more appropriate outlet so I can let off some steam – and laugh – without having to open my mouth. There are 39 single-sided illustrations, and you also get a link to free images that you can download and print at home.

Available on Amazon.com for $5.99, Amazon.ca for $8.69, and Amazon.co.uk for £6.42. Also available at Book Depository.

6.  Animorphia: An Extreme Coloring and Search Challenge, by  Kerby Rosanes
holiday gifts for guys
If your guy is already into coloring and ready for a new challenge, anything from Kerby Rosanes will fit the bill. Animorphia has super-detailed animal images made from creatures, characters, patterns, holiday gifts for guysand tiny elements.  There is also a seek-and-find for hidden treasures and creatures scattered throughout its pages. Some of the images have white space left purposely for you to use your own creativity.  Unfortunately printed on both sides of the pages.

Available on Amazon.com for $11.03, Amazon.ca for $13.17, and Amazon.co.uk for £9.98. Also available from Book Depository.

7.  Dad Life: A Manly Adult Colouring Book, from Papeterie Bleu Adult Colouring Books 

If you have a Dad on your gifting list, this coloring book is a wonderful one. This is the highest rated and most popular of coloring books from the holiday gifts for guysPapeterie Bleu coloring book line. In fact, all of the Amazon.com “verified reviews” for this one are 5 stars. All designs are printed single-sided and the paper is heavier than average.

Available on Amazon.com for $8.99, Amazon.ca for $12.05, and Amazon.co.uk for £5.99.

8.  Art of Coloring Star Wars, by  Catherine Saunier-Talec
holiday gifts for guys

This well-constructed coloring book for Star Wars fans has portrait studies of various beloved (and hated) characters, mandalas, and patterns. The holiday gifts for guysmandalas and patterns generally have a single repeating elements from the movies, such as characters, ships, and weapons. The designs range from simple and open to complex with intricate elements.

Available on Amazon.com for $12.20, Amazon.ca for $17.33 and Amazon.co.uk for preorder (available November 22).

9.  Men’s Coloring Book and Art Portfolio Set, from Life In Coloring

This set comes complete with a 12″ x 10″ portfolio that holds a coloring book, 12 colored pencils, a removable coloring supply case, holiday gifts for guysand a sharpener. The book, Empowered by Color, has distinctly un-girly designs with Viking ships, nature scenes, mechanical gears and high-powered vehicles. A very convenient and discrete way to color on the go.

Available on Amazon.com for $33.99.

10.  ColorIt – Around The World In 50 Pages, by ColorIt
holiday gifts for guys
I love the construction of this coloring book, which is just one of the popular ColorIt lineAround the World in 50 Pages has perforated pages, heavy-duty card stock covers for coloring without a hard surface, and a double wire top spiral binding.  The architectural designs are printed single-sided and include the Great Wall of China, Saint Mark’s Square, the Taj Mahal, Times Square, and Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Available on Amazon.com for $14.64 and .ColorIt for $15.99 (ships to most countries).

So there you have it – 10 great holiday gifts for guys in your life.  Do you have any other ideas for coloring-related gifts for men?  Share with us in the comments section below!


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