Cosmic and Eternal Love: Review & Giveaway


cosmic and eternal loveNow that the holidays are behind us and we start thinking about Valentine’s Day, I am excited to introduce you to a new coloring book with a unique love story.

Cosmic and Eternal Love: An Everlasting Love Story & Coloring Book, and its accompanying CD, was created by Amrita Sen. Amrita is a visual artist, musician, and storyteller. She has performed for Oprah, and at the Academy Awards, released records with Weezer and Pitbull, sang on a track on Justin Timberlake’s latest album, and earned an MBA from Harvard.  As if that isn’t enough, she even has a fashion line and jewelry!

Here’s a closer look at Amrita’s coloring book.


Cosmic and Eternal Love features 98 pages of colorable designs, including 48 two-page spreads. Through the intricate black and white drawings and written words (as part of one of the coloring pages in each spread) Amrita tells her version of a classic Indian tale: a Hindu myth about love.  This love story isn’t about being married or being with someone but about being linked from the soul. The main characters of the story, Radha and Krishna, are not connected in the traditional sense of love; their love is more of an example of everlasting faith.

A CD with 12 music pieces written and sung by Amrita accompanies the gorgeous pictures and intriguing story in Cosmic and Eternal Love. Although I did not receive the CD itself for review, I did listen to samples of some of the tunes online.  I found the music to be sweet and cheerful yet calming, some with hints of a Bollywood beat.  The music complements the coloring experience perfectly.

The cover is an excellent example of the designs you will find in the book.  The colorable Title Page precedes the two-page spreads. You can color the final Acknowledgement Page as well.


cosmic and eternal loveAll of the designs in this coloring book are constructed with beautiful India-themed patterns – designs you will not find anywhere else. In most of the two-page spreads, one side includes a part of the love story written in calligraphic type; the other side illustrates a scene from that part of the story and includes characters, plants or animals against a patterned background.

A few of the designs include white line work or shapes on a black background.cosmic and eternal love

The illustrations are a mix of realistic and abstract. Every page is filled to all four edges with colorable elements and includes a patterned frame.  Each frame does run into the gutter, but the pages do open completely so that is not too much of an issue. You will find very little white space.

The designs are also conducive to using color palettes that may be a bit more exotic.  The Cosmic and Eternal Love Instagram page has some wonderful examples.  I also found inspiration for colors at an Indian wedding website.


cosmic and eternal loveCosmic and Eternal Love is 10″ x 10″.  I received a review copy with a heavy card stock cover, but it is available with a hardcover. The binding is sewn and glued, and is not constructed to remove pages. However, the book does lay relatively flat, so removing pages is not really needed. The hard cover means you will not need to color on a hard surface. As well, the coloring book is not too large so If your tote is big enough, you can take it with you when you are on the go.

The paper is 100 pound white stock.  Designs are printed on both sides of the page, so even though the paper is nice and heavy, you will want to stay away from alcohol-based markers to avoid bleeding onto the design on the reverse. All other media will work beautifully.

The printing quality is excellent with no pixelation.


All but a very few of the designs in Cosmic and Eternal Love include intricate patterns and is perfect for adults who enjoy immersing themselves in coloring detail. Line work is a mix of very fine to quite heavy.

Having said that, in many of the pages a lot of the detail is in the patterns within pieces of the designs, cosmic and eternal lovesuch as leaves, clothes, hair, and architectural elements.  So the illustrations do not have to be intimidating; you can use wider strokes of color and let the finer line work provide texture and embellishment as in my example to the right. This makes Cosmic and Eternal Love a coloring book for many colorists and different moods.


Therapeutic Benefit

Coloring in this book, thinking about the love story and listening to the music is an all-encompassing therapeutic experience. While coloring and listening to Amrita’s music I left all other thoughts behind. I do recommend reading the story through before you start coloring  – you will have a much better understanding of the meaning in each coloring page.

The Verdict

Detail-oriented colorists and beginners alike will enjoy the unique and intricate illustrations, and the story and music are perfect accompaniments for an all-encompassing coloring experience. Add to that the beautiful construction and I rate it 5★ out of 5★.

You can pre-order Cosmic and Eternal Love at for $19.99, for CD$25.99, and for £16.00. Also available from Book Depository.

Check out Amrita Sen’s online presence to get more information on all of her projects and products!


Amrita has offered to send three of my readers one copy of Cosmic and Eternal Love, worth $19.99.  Each winner will also receive a piece from her unique jewelry line,  randomly selected by Amrita’s representative.  The combined retail value of each prize is more than $55.00. cosmic and eternal love

To enter, simply follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter below. The giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada and starts today. Entries close on January 22, 2017 at midnight Eastern. Be sure to come back every day for new and more entry options to improve your chances of winning!

Good luck to all!

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46 thoughts on “Cosmic and Eternal Love: Review & Giveaway”

  1. Rebecca Mack says:

    My favorites are definitely the “happily ever after” love stories! The guy gets the girl and they go on to live an amazing life. I can’t handle the tragic ones – too many years! Lol

  2. Madeleine Poe says:

    What a great way to start 2017!! Kudos to Amrita for multi-multi-tasking her talents. And just about the time we colorists are beginning to weary the same old same old, she offers us this new and exciting book to color, read, listen to, dance with…!! Can’t wait to get between the covers!
    And good luck to all who enter the giveaway. All of the PLUS a piece of jewelry!!

  3. Honestly, I don’t. At least, I can’t think of one off the top of my head that I really would call my favorite.

  4. Isidor and Ida Straus, when Ida was offered a place on a Titanic lifeboat she gave her fur coat to another passenger because she would not be needing it. She chose to stay behind with her husband. Survivors have reported her saying”I will not be separated from my husband. As we have lived, so will we die, together.” It is tragic but beautiful.

  5. Renee Rousseau says:

    Werthering Heihts’ Catherine is the one Heathcliff lives and dies for, haunts the moors for, and ruins everyone’s life for.

  6. Kayla Klontz says:

    My favorite couple would be Cory and Topanga from the TV show Boy Meets World, lol. Their relationship was just so real to me and so solid

  7. My favorite couple are Joseph & Mary. The love Joseph had for Mary was so beautiful.
    This looks like an amazing color book and the cd would be nice to listen to while coloring.
    Thank you for the chance 😀

  8. My fav is rachel and ross from friends.

  9. John Smith says:

    I’ll be very unoriginal–Romeo and Juliet,

  10. I don’t know that I have a favorite romantic couple from history..My fave celebrity couple right now is Jay z and Beyonce.

  11. Gabrielle Kinman says:

    Cleopatra and Marc Antony.

  12. Kimmy Ripley says:

    I love Romeo and Juliet! Such a great story.

  13. Marilyn Nawara says:

    Cleopatra and Marc Anthony are my favorite

  14. Strawberry says:

    Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas! 💗 Love those two!

  15. I’d definitely have to say Henry and Claire from the book The Time Traveler’s Wife. Every time I read it, I weep.

  16. Megan Scharlau says:

    Troilus and Cressida

  17. The first to pop in my head is Romeo and Juliet, but I think I could do better if I was not so tired.

  18. my favorite romance is pride and prejudice. but there are so many great romances. probably my second fav couple is the whole saga of Anne of green gables. check it out

  19. Dena Stewart says:

    I think one of my favs is meg ryan and tom hanks in you’ve got mail. I think they are cute. I’m not into the deep stuff, so on the lighter side is the husband and wife in the movie, the ref. Not sure who the wife is, but the hubby is kevin spacey and the burglar holding them hostage is dennis leary–funny funny–but if you check it out beware very adult language. Also, can’t leave out mike and molly, oh and doug and carrie from king of queens

  20. Michelle StPierre says:

    Ok not romantic… but true “friendship love” in the movie Thelma & Louise.

  21. I like the Creative Expressions: Cards to Color and Share set. It is so pretty.

  22. My favourite romantic story is about two lovers who were forced by their families to wed other people. They committed suicide rather than be unfaithful to each other, but when they entered the realm of ghosts, they forgot all their earthly memories and no longer knew each other. So they simply wandered away, not realising that they had been willing to die for their love. It’s so freaking sad. I don’t know why I even like it. I wish I could remember where it’s from.

    1. adultcoloring101 says:

      Oh, Petra, how tragic! If you remember where the story is from, let me know! -Maureen

  23. My favorite romantic couple is Maria and Captain von Trapp from “The Sound of Music.” And they were a real couple who faced difficult challenges together when they escaped the Nazis and crossed over from Austria to freedom in Switzerland with their family.

  24. Darlene Owen says:

    My most romantic is Romeo and Juliet

  25. Darlene Owen says:

    My favorite is the Proverbs in Color: Cards to Color and Share

  26. #momlife! hahahaha. so cute.

  27. Gabrielly says:

    I love Romeo and Juliet.

  28. Gabrielly says:

    I like the Creative Expressions: Cards to Color and Share.

  29. Audrey Stewart says:

    I still love Brad and Angie. They were the perfect couple there ever was. Who will he date now? No one is good enough.

  30. I love the Scripture Coloring Cards. Thank you for the chance 😀

  31. Teresa A Thompson says:

    I like Claire and Jamie from Outlander.

    1. adultcoloring101 says:

      I think this couple is my favorite, too!

  32. Dena Stewart says:

    My favorite us proverbs in color or maybe the heart coloring cards.

  33. Laurie Nykaza says:

    The Coloring Book of Cards and Envelopes: is so pretty love to color all of them
    by Nosy Crow and Rebecca Jones

  34. Theresa C. says:

    I’ve always liked the love story of Pride and Prejudice between Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy.

  35. Theresa C. says:

    I really love the Heart Coloring Cards set!

  36. Teresa A Thompson says:

    The Coloring Book of Cards and Envelopes: Flowers and Butterflies is my favorite.

  37. Christine Labelle says:

    Let’s see…Ross and Rachel from Friends. If we go way back it would be Romeo and Juliet.

  38. Tracy Webb says:

    Maybe Gone with the Wind.

  39. monique s says:

    I really like the creative expressions cards to share they will be creative and fun and meaningful

  40. Jessica Whitehouse says:

    My favorite book is The Silver Metal Lover by Tanith Lee. It’s about a girl who falls in love with a robot. The premise is a twist on the story of Pygmalion, a famous sculptor, who falls in love with his own creation.

  41. jenny stratton says:

    I’m not sure, maybe Maria and Captain Von Tramp in The Sound of Music.

  42. Kelley Roach says:

    Honestly, I don’t. At least, I can’t think of one off the top of my head that I really would call my favorite.

  43. Renee Rousseau says:

    My favorite is Pretty Pattern Postcards!

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