25 New Adult Coloring Books with Something Extra


coloring booksIt has been quite a while since I have done a roundup of new adult coloring books. Going through the scheduled releases for February, I was glad to see more than few that are unique in many ways, most of them full of love and joy (appropriate for Valentine’s Day), and options that include learning, crafting, portability, color by number, extreme coloring, and – of course! – cats.

Eleven of these choices are less than $10.00, and many are available, with Amazon Prime, for free 2-day shipping once they are released.

Check these out!

Paperscapes New England (Make It By Hand), $13.85, Available February 28

The Extra: Papercrafting

Paperscapes New England transitions fans of adult coloring books into the world of crafting with thirty detailed illustrations that you can color, press out, fold, and display together in a paperscape of a charming New England town. Designs include cozy homes, quaint shops, and lovely churches. 64 pages.

Rewired Adult Coloring Book, $9.95, Available February 28

The Extra: Self-care, Recovery

This 96-page coloring book was written by a certified addictions counselor and is specifically designed to aid in addiction recovery through self-actualization. The pages will help you understand, process and even learn to appreciate your thoughts and emotions as you journey through recovery. The images, including animals, nature, and other beautiful objects, relate to words and feelings that are essential for living a healthier life through a holistic approach.

The Vintage Coloring & Craft Book (Make It By Hand), $15.99, Available February 28

The Extra: Papercrating

The Vintage Coloring and Craft Book offers the stress-relieving benefits of adult coloring books while also enabling you to turn your 10 colored-in pages into 20 paper crafts such greeting cards, party decorations, gift tags, and jam jar labels. 96 pages.


Crystal Menagerie Coloring Book, $15.95, Available February 28

new coloring booksThe Extra: 3D Illustrations

Crystal Menagerie’s 40 pages of illustrations of  foxes, birds, hedgehogs, and more are geometric for a unique look.  You can color every element to make 3D-looking animals, or be less detailed for an easier coloring experience. Designs are printed single-sided and the pages are easily removable.

Adorable Animals, $15.99, Available February 22

new coloring booksThe Extra: Grayscale, Cats

Unlike other grayscale coloring books, the images in this one’s 128 pages are adorable drawings instead of photographs. The book includes simple step-by-step instructions as well a colored-in examples for inspiration. Pages are single-sided and perforated, and there are a few images at the beginning for practice.

Anatomy Coloring Book, $13.94, Available February 21

new coloring booksThe Extra: Learning

Are you into science or anatomy? Do you dream of coloring entrails, intestines, veins, genitals, lungs or a real heart? Then this book is for you! The 64 illustrations are 19th-century medical anatomical drawings Each single-sided illustration is easy to remove.


Creative Haven Elegant Designs of the Ages, $5.99, Available February 15

coloring booksThe Extra: Challenge

I love the value and quality of the Creative Haven coloring books. Created for more experienced colorists, the 31 designs in this 64-page book are authentic Victorian and Edwardian such as Norman church decorations, textiles from Japan and China, Celtic knotwork, Arabesque tiles from the Taj Mahal, and heraldic images from the Gothic period. Pages are perforated and printed on one side.

Hello Happiness: An Adult Coloring Book to Live Your Happily Ever After, $16.99, Available February 14

coloring bookThe Extra: Crafting

Hello Happiness’ 128 pages with over 50 feel-good, uplifting and encouraging illustrations with messages. Perforated pages The book includes instructions of fun ways to use the designs “off the page” such as with embroidery, as T-shirt transfers or on canvas, as well as coloring tips.

Color the Road Not Taken, $15.99, Available February 14

The Extra: Literature

Inspired by Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken,” this 96-page book gives you the opportunity to explore all the coloring paths your mind can take. The 10″ x 10″ format offers plenty of space to follow your most creative avenue, and that makes all the difference.

William Morris: Make Your Own Art Masterpiece, $16.99, Available February 14

The Extra: Art

William Morris is one of the most famous artist craftsmen in the world. This 96-page book features 45 of Morris’ artworks to color.  You will also find colored examples of each design along with info about the work and date.  Each page is perforated near the spine of the book, Each page is perforated and designs are single-sided.

Remember When: Cross-Stitch Samplers, $9.99, Available February 14

The Extra: Needle Crafts

This 104-page book combines the mindfulness of knitting, sewing, and needlepoint with adult coloring in its 50  easy-to-color cross-stitch designs. The illustrations include classic sayings such as “Home Sweet Home” and “Good friends are like diamonds, precious and rare.” Each is accompanied by beautiful illustrations that mimic the classic knit style and exemplify some facet of the phrases. For example, in “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away,” the word “apple” is replaced by an apple design and the whole phrase is surrounded by decorative elements.

Coloring on the Go: Mindfulness, $9.95, Available February 14

The Extra: Portability

Coloring on the Go is a 96-page compact hardcover coloring book is perfect for toting around. The eclectic illustrations are lush, and geared more towards experienced colorists.



Secret Places: Adventures in Ink and Imagination, $8.99, Available February 10

The Extra: Portability

This compact (6″x 6.5″)128-page book is full of 120 calming scenes of gardens, and forests, meadows and country lanes. The designs are a mix of easy to difficult to match your mood.  Each page is perforated.


Wild About Cats, $12.99, Available February 10

coloring bookThe Extra: Cats

This 8″ x 8″ book has a wide variety of styles (realistic, geometric, white-on-black) of lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, etc. It includes a CD with nine soothing tracks to listen to while you color as well as a fold-out poster . There are 48 top-bound detachable coloring pages along with an “inlay” card to acts as a work surface and protects the pages beneath from any marks or bleeding.

More Good Vibes, $7.40, Available February 7

The Extra: Pure Joy

Thaneeya McArdle‘s are such a joy to color! Her new coloring book as 80 pages of uplifting messages to brighten your mood and lift your spirits. It includes guides to coloring techniques like patterning, combinations, and shading as well as  step-by-step illustrations to make coloring easy for beginners. Each design is printed on one side only on archival-grade, acid-free, perforated heavy paper.

Inkspirations Love by Design: Coloring the Divine Path to Manifest Your Soulmate, $10.03, Available February 7

The Extra: Love

If you are looking for your soul-mate this Valentine’s Day, this may be the book for you. Its 72 pages will teach you, while coloring, Arielle Ford’s Law of Attraction: techniques, visualizations, rituals, and prayers to prepare you for an amazing relationship. The designs are by Manja Burton who has already done several coloring books, including unique “foldables.”

Birdtopia: 20 Color-in Postcards, $9.99, Available February 7

coloring bookThe Extra: Portability

This small (4.8″ x 6.5″) book has 20 beautiful postcards to color in, and send to friends if you want. The designs are from the Birdtopia Coloring Book and features birds from across the world, including the European robin, the violet-crowned woodnymph, and the Chilean flamingo.

Color Odyssey: 50 Iron-On Fabric Transfers to Color and Craft, $11.56, Available February 7

coloring bookThe Extra: Fabric, Decor

Here is a way to take adult coloring beyond paper: transfer the gorgeous designs from Chris Garver’s Color Odyssey to any fabric—and then color them in any way you want! The creative possibilities are as boundless as your imagination, and the process is simple: just choose one of the 24 black-and-white images from the book, transfer it with a hot iron (only the black outlines of the art show), and then color with fabric markers. There are also two copies of a design that the artist has hand-colored. You can use the transfers for embroidery and home décor projects. The book includes five pages of instructions with by step-by-step photos. Each transfer can be used 5-7 times.

Color Yourself to Happiness Postcard Book: 20 Magical Illustrations to Color In and Reduce Stress, $9.95, Available February 7

coloring bookThe Extra: Portability, Challenge

This post-card sized coloring book is great for travel. The illustrations on the 20 postcards are rather detailed so great for more experienced colorists.

Colors of the Seasons Color by Number Coloring Art, $6.99, Available February 1

The Extra: Color by Number

In this book, you can follow the numbers to color each design. Illustrations include birds, plants, florals, animals, and nature scenes as well as intricate patterns. Each design has a place on the back for the date and your signature, and is easy to remove from the book if you wish. Colors of the Seasons includes a Color Chart that uses colors similar to those provided in common coloring and pencil sets, although you can use any colors you like as well.

Color Your Own Medieval Alphabet, $14.95, Available February 1

coloring bookThe Extra: Challenge

Before the invention of the printing press, books were written by hand, and were priceless objects. The most precious books were illuminated with gold or with bright colors. Initial letters were often highlighted either as decoration or to mark an important passage. This new coloring book is packed with a series of intricate letters carefully selected from the extensive collection of the British Library. Each original letter is also reproduced in color, so you can decide whether to choose your own colors, or to use the colors that the artist intended. With key facts about each of the letters and their source, this is the perfect book for history buffs and coloring fanatics alike.

Zen Dreams, $7.99, Available February 1

The Extra: Portability

This arsEdition 8″ x 8″ coloring book has 80 pages and is one of the Pads of Color series that all have foil-embossed covers. The illustrations are one-sided.



Sea of Flowers, $5.99, Available February 1

The Extra: Portability

This 80-page arsEdition coloring book is even smaller than Zen Dreams at 6″ x 6″ truly portable. The 40 single-sided illustrations are of blossoms  and floral motifs and are removable.


Extreme Coloring Tattoos, $12.99, Available February 1

The Extra: Challenge

The Extreme Coloring series features specially commissioned artwork will challenge you for hours. In Extreme Coloring Tattoos, there are a whole range of detailed tattoo illustrations along with descriptive copy The pages are perforated and the designs include intricately detailed dragons, angels, wolves, a rising phoenix, a serpent-headed Medusa, and  exotic orchids.


Which of these coloring books interests you the most? Let me know in the comments below and I may add it to my to-review list!


9 thoughts on “25 New Adult Coloring Books with Something Extra”

  1. Great selection..favorite two are Road not taken and Color the seasons by number.

  2. Beautiful books and something for everyone!

  3. Barbara Leonard says:

    My faves are Grayscale Cats and William Morris.

  4. Debra Holloway says:

    I had no idea that adult coloring had become so very popular. I never thought about it that much, but it must be a great stress reliever.

  5. I love that there are more and more awesome coloring books to choose from. These look really fun. My entire family loves to color and it has become a family activity 🙂

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