Enter the “It’s Your Love!” Giveaway!

It's Your Love!Love is in the Air!

What would make February even better? How about being able to enter a bunch of amazing giveaways! Anderson’s Angels, This Mamas Life, The More The Merrier and Woven by Words, are very excited to bring you the It’s Your Love! Giveaway Event!

Adult Coloring 101 has teamed up with these hosts, as well as sixteen other great bloggers, to bring you this great giveaway event. Each blog has their own It’s Your Love! giveaway and prize.

So, what is our prize? How about a $30.00 Amazon Gift Card*?!
It's Your Love!You can use this card to buy yourself, or someone you love, a wonderful coloring book (or two, or anything else if you like)!  Some great ideas:

*Note: If the winner is a resident of Canada, a C$40.00 gift card for Amazon.ca will be awarded.

Don’t forget to enter the other wonderful bloggers’ giveaways, which are listed under the Rafflecopter below, including the Grand Prize from Anderson’s Angels: a gorgeous Organic Aromas Radiance Essential Oils Diffuser with a retail value of almost $124.00.  This is perfect for creating a calming coloring atmosphere (link to the Grand Prize giveaway is in the Rafflecopter).It's Your Love!

Get your entries in now, and don’t forget to come back every day for more ways to win!

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Check out all the other giveaways in this It’s Your Love! Giveaway Hop:

Hosts and participating hop bloggers in the It’s Your Love! event are not responsible for sponsors or self-sponsoring bloggers that do not fulfill prize obligations.

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199 Comments on “Enter the “It’s Your Love!” Giveaway!

  1. I will buy what I always buy, canned cat food. I have 12 elderly rescue cats that I shelter, and most of them have no teeth.

    • You are an angel, Audrey! I have 16 cats in a colony I care for!

  2. I would put it towards drawing supplies for my daughter, the little artist!

  3. I would buy valentine’s day chocolate’s and sweet treats to share with my family.

  4. I would put it toward household items for a new apartment I’m moving into next month.

  5. My son has a March birthday. If I won I would use the gift code towards his gift.

  6. I would buy me a couple of the adult coloring books. Thank you for the entry.

  7. I will buy a present for my new grandson that is going to be born any day now.

  8. I would buy the Beautiful Word Coloring Bible. Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. I would sit down with my adopted daughter sons and color with them. Let their mom . Have a break and babysit my grandchildren. Tell them how special they are. To let them know that I will always be there for them. I would frame their work. I would but them colored pencils

  10. I will buy some of the coloring books shown here — I love to color!

  11. I’m trying to save up for a laptop. But I usually end up buying gifts.

  12. I would probably buy a couple books. Thank you for the chance to win!

  13. I would use the gift card to buy art supplies and more coloring books!

  14. I need some new pencils for my coloring and dog toys for my pups.

  15. I would definitely buy some coloring books. I have a few on my wishlist! 🙂

  16. I would but coloring book for coloring group. So they can see how good Amazon is to order from

  17. I’ll probably purchase athletic socks for my teen son. Thanks.

  18. I would buy protein powder and some vitamins!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  19. I would buy something for my craft room. We are remodeling, so I will finally have a crafting/art space in this home. So excited!

  20. Both my mom and grandpa’s birthdays are coming up, so I’d buy them something.

  21. I would use it to buy vitamins and supplements for my child that he needs for his LYME disease.

  22. I would put it toward an awesome set of cookware I have picked out!

  23. I would most likely buy adult coloring books for my mom (78yr.) and myself. We both love to color.

  24. We are saving our Amazon money for this really nice collapsible wagon. We live in an apartment complex and it’s a long walk from the car to the apartment and this would be great for the groceries!

  25. I’ll buy K-Cups! I seem to get the best deals for K-Cups on Amazon for my vice!

  26. I would use it towards a birthday present for my son because his is coming soon!

  27. Tell me in the comments section below what you will buy with your gift card if you win!

    really need a new gas stove..this will help

  28. If I win the Amazon Gift Card, I think I’d like to buy one of the 160 slots pencil cases from Amazon. I’m expecting a shipment of 150 count Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils in 5 days or so, which means that I’ll have to clear out the 160 slots pencil case that I already have to make room for those pencils. With the remainder of the total, I’d probably buy a color book.

    • Lucky you, Cindy! The 150 set is beautiful and certainly deserves a new case. I’d love to see some of your coloring on Facebook or Twitter!

  29. I’d let my husband get a treat. Money has been tight and he wont treat himself to anything. I’d like to get him something

  30. If I won I would buy some books I’ve been eyeing for quite some time. I love amazon, always have a huge wish list.

  31. If I win I will feed a very hungry Kindle White. (and maybe some chocolate!)

  32. I have been saving up for some new Calphalon pots and pans. If I was lucky enough to win I would put this towards my new pans!

  33. In the coolest voice I can muster, I’d buy some of those little splashkins toys. I’m a little addicted. haha. (why grow up? lol)

  34. I will use it towards Prime Pantry and buying groceries/household products.

  35. I try to keep craft supplies for when my grandchildren come for a visit.

  36. With the gift card I would buy jewelry supplies.
    Start making Christmas gifts early.
    thank you

  37. I want to buy a copy of the vegetarian..its a book thats been on my wishlist.

  38. my son is enjoying reading the captain underpants series. i will get him more books.

  39. My niece has a birthday coming up, so I’ll use it to get her some books.

  40. I would get my daughter something from her Amazon wishlist for her upcoming birthday :0

  41. I would definitely buy some coloring books. My daughter’s and I love spending quality time coloring together

  42. I am saving up for a pair of wireless headphones to listen to while working out so that is what I will buy if I win.

  43. My daughter is wanting some gel pens and some adult coloring books. She loves them because they help with her anxiety.

  44. I would use the money to buy my husband something for our anniversary.

  45. I have an amazon wish list full of books/ebooks, so I would treat myself to a few new reads.

  46. I would purchase some winter clothing for my kids if I won this prize.

  47. I would buy a coloring book for myself and daughter and use the rest on food for all my furry babies.

  48. We’re saving for my daughter to go to college in the fall. Gift cards will be used to buy her books and supplies for classes.

  49. If i win I will put it towards a Baby Alive for my daughter’s upcoming birthday!

  50. I would put it toward our monthly Amazon purchase of paper towels, cleaning supplies and toilet paper for the household!

  51. I would use the Amazon gift card to help buy moisturizing products for my daughter that help her eczema.

  52. At this moment, fighting off a cold, I would buy Cold-FX with my gift card!

  53. I’m not sure! I’ll either be sensible and buy more cat food or I’ll put it toward the Marco Renoir pencils I have in my Wishlist. 🙂

  54. I have an Amazon wishlist LOADED with books, some of them are coloring books, some are crafting books, some are novels… I would definitely buy books!

  55. I would either buy some books or put it towards shoes for my husband. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  56. I will buy a gift card for my daughter she has been wanting to go out on a date with her dad

  57. I would buy myself & my sister a couple more coloring books & coloring pencils. We love to color!

  58. I would buy a wide variety of adult coloring books, I am obsessed with them 🙂

  59. Since I am disabled and in a lot of pain, I need distractions. I was so glad when I just found out about Adult Coloring. 😂 I just recently got out of bed rest after 2 + 1/2 years. So I would like some colored pencils and books that don’t come from the dollar store.

  60. I am in great need of a nice new bicycle to get my nephew for his birthday. This prize would help out in doing such.

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