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I don’t know why, but so many of my colorist friends are also cat lovers, like me. Except for a few years when the company I worked for sent me on an international work assignment,  I have had at least one cat in my home. And my coloring companion?  Buddy, our five year-old rescue:

crazy cat lady
My Beautiful Coloring Companion!

I simply cannot imagine a house being a home without a furry feline!  So of course I was thrilled when I received the Crazy Cat Lady Coloring Book from Archie McPhee as a Christmas gift.

I received this book as a gift from a family member and did not receive any compensation for my thoughts and opinions. In fact, the author and publisher are not aware that I’m writing this review. I just want to share my experience with other adult coloring enthusiasts. There are affiliate links in this post.

crazy cat lady
Medium: Prismacolor Premier Pencils

“Crazy Cat Lady Coloring Book is dedicated to those who have obtained [earned!] the label “Crazy Cat Lady”. To be honest, true Crazy Cat Ladies usually do not realize they have a cat obsession. However, one test is to have the cat owner name all of her cats (when there are so many, it’s harder than you think). This coloring book even includes a Crazy Cat Lady Quiz which will convince the most die-hard objectors that they indeed may be obsessively fond of the purring beasts.” – Publisher

This 24-page 8″ x 10″ coloring book is a celebration – albeit tongue-in-cheek – of the happiness that comes from living with our feline fur-babies. The book features the story of a Crazy Cat Lady and how she finds true happiness with her cats. Besides the coloring pages, the book also includes cat-related activity pages, such as a word search, a maze and a quiz.


crazy cat ladyEach drawing in this coloring book illustrates part of the Crazy Cat Lady’s stories. You will not find any of the complex, zen-like mandalas, nature scenes, or fantasy pictures that we usually associate with adult coloring. The designs are quite simple, reminiscent of the those in a children’s’ coloring book. The illustrator has added a few flourishes here and there, usually on fabric and fur, to add a bit of dimension.


The front and back covers on this book are glossy card stock; you will want a solid surface to color on. The binding is stapled but the printing is high-quality without any discernible pixelation. All illustrations are printed double-sided, so alcohol-based markers are a no-go.

crazy cat lady
Medium: Crayola Supertips

The mid-weight paper is quite smooth so it takes several layers, or a heavy hand, to create bold colors with colored pencils.  The paper showed speckling (white “dots” of the paper) even after several light passes with my soft-core Prismacolors. As a result, shading and blending to give some life to the sometimes two-dimensional characters and objects isn’t too difficult.

Water-based markers will show banding, but will not shadow or bleed-through unless you make several strokes in one area. You can use gel pens but it will take some time to color-in larger spaces; the same for fine-line markers.

The pages are not perforated. However, none of the images extend into the gutter, so if you want to cut them from the book you will not ruin them.


crazy cat ladyThe designs in Crazy Cat Lady Coloring Book are simple.  Most of the line-work is heavy, making staying inside the lines very easy – if that is you thing.  You will find just few smaller spaces and details to color, and lots of space to add your own embellishments if you like. Even folks with vision or mobility challenges will find plenty of fun in this book.

Therapeutic Value

Most coloring books get their therapeutic value from the meditative activity of coloring.  Of course, you will get this when you color in the Crazy Cat Lady Coloring Book. But you will also get the reparative benefits from the humor in this book.


The Crazy Cat Lady Coloring Book Great book for cat people with a sense of humor! If you are a cat lover and a colorist, this is a fun, inexpensive (under $6.00) book! The fact that the designs are printed on both sides of the paper does present some limitations, but the humor more than offsets those.  4★ out of 5★.

Crazy Cat Lady Coloring Book is available at Amazon.

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  1. marlene a harris says:

    cats make great subjects to color

  2. My sister would love this. She is such a cat lover. I think I have found her Christmas gift.

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