Lazy Ass Cats: Coloring Book Review – and More!

All of you regular readers of my blog know that I am a “crazy cat lady.” So I jumped at the chance to be a stop on the “Lazy Ass Cats” coloring book blog tour!

I was also thrilled to have the chance to ask creator Lindsay Conner about making her coloring book and her thoughts on coloring:

Lindsay, you are best known for your sewing and crafting. What motivated you to create this coloring book?
Thanks for having me as a guest on your blog, Maureen! I have written several sewing and quilting books, and I am also a travel guide editor. This project pushed me in a different direction, and it was fun to work on from the start. One day, my husband and I were sitting in the living room, likely each with a laptop (we both work from home as writers/editors). The idea literally just popped into my head, and I said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if there was a coloring book called, ‘Lazy-Ass Cats’?” We both laughed, and I couldn’t shake the idea a few days later. Being a cat owner, I equally love my cats and admit that they are the laziest animals who sleep most of the day and expect lots of head scratching and treats. I allow them to live in my house, sleep on my bed, and silently rule my world. Knowing that other cat owners (and also cat haters) would get a kick out of this book, I decided to test the idea on Kickstarter. After launching my campaign last summer, it was selected as Kickstarter’s Project of the Day, and went a bit viral.

What inspired the illustrations?
As every cat owner can understand, cats like to sleep in inconvenient places. On top of your face, your computer, or right in front of the TV signal, making it impossible to change the channel. I thought it would be fun to dream up the lazy cat sleeping in these normal places, all over the house, but also some fun and silly places, like atop a stack of mattresses a la “The Princes and the Pea.” That led to cats drinking booze in social situations, playing poker, and more implausible but funny scenarios.

Can you show us how you colored in one of your own coloring pages?
Lazy Ass Cats
One of the goals of this coloring book was to make sure everyone, no matter their background, can jump right in and color. That’s why there are no overly complicated drawings, and there is lots of open space to add your own doodles. I colored this “Meow” coloring page from the book using Prismacolor Scholar colored pencils and filled in the letters and some of the cats in loop-de-loops, which is a simple technique anyone can try without feeling intimidated.

What is your favorite coloring media and why?
Because I make quilts and like to sew, I love colored pencils. I often use graph paper to sketch out my designs and easily color them in, matching the shades to my fabrics. You can buy colored pencils inexpensively to get started coloring, making it accessible to everyone.

Is there something you can’t live without in your workspace when coloring?
I am a TV junkie, so I like to watch bad reality TV shows like The Bachelor or Hallmark channel movies while I’m coloring.

What do you like to do when you aren’t coloring?
I love to travel new places, design interesting quilts (I’m part of a modern quilting guild), and take trips to the bookstore with my toddler son. I’m grateful that I enjoy my work so much, which is good because I’m often working late into the night writing, editing or sewing.

What’s the one message you’d want to convey to people who enjoy your coloring book?lazy ass cats
No matter your background or skill level, coloring is for everybody!

Are there more coloring books in your future?
I’m working on a second volume of Lazy-Ass Cats, in which the cat travels to famous landmarks all over the world. If there is sufficient interest, I’m looking to launch a Kickstarter campaign as a follow-up to the first book in the near future.

Where can people find out more about your work?
You can follow my blog Lindsay Sews and I also have a Facebook page for the book.

And now….the Review!

Lindsay Conner kindly sent me a copy of this coloring book. I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while using this book. This post does contain affiliate links.

lazy ass cats
Media: BIC MarkIts, Prismacolor Premier Markers

“They’ve taken over your house and your heart. Now they’ve come for your coloring books!”


The title page of Lazy Ass  Cats is the same as the cover, and colorable, as is the mandala-like dedication page. albeit smaller and a bit more detailed. The book continues with 40 original illustrations to color, many of the accompanied by feline-related quotes.


All of the designs are inspired by the utter laziness that we all see in our cats. Some are representations of real-life activities, including sleeping on a laptop, lazing about in nature and cuddling with objects such as stuffed animals.  Other designs show naughty cats in more “human” settings: partying in a bar, binge-watching “Catflix,” and coloring (of course!).

The line work is relatively bold and simple, with little detail. There is plenty of white space in both backgrounds and subjects to create your own embellishments, if you want to.

lazy ass cats
Medium: Crayola Colored Pencils

The cover of this 8″ x 10″ book is heavy, glossy card stock. The binding is sturdy, with the cover attached to the interior pages with 2 strong staples. Pages are not perforated, so you will need to use a utility knife (which I recommend) or scissors if you want to remove them. However, the binding is pliable, and it is easy to open the book completely to get into the gutter for the few illustrations that extend into the spine. I was even able to fold the book over.

All designs are printed single-sided.

The paper is bright white, heavy, and smooth. The illustrations are printed on one side of the page, giving you freedom to use any medium, including alcohol-based markers, watercolor pencils and even watercolor paints. My soft-core Prismacolor Premier pencils layered and blended well, but there was some speckling with single, light layers. I recommend finishing your pencil coloring with a burnisher for a more solid color and sheen. There was a bit of buckling in the paper with my Derwent Inktense pencils when I used a water brush.

Water-based markers did shadow on the reverse of the paper, and when I layered did bleed through to the other side.

However, banding was minimal. Alcohol markers did bleed through the paper but did not feather.  If you use any type of marker I do suggest that you use a protective page behind the design to protect the next page.


The line thickness in Lazy Ass Cats is consistently bold – thick enough that it is relatively easy to avoid coloring outside the outlines. Similarly, there is not any teensy-weensy detail to fuss over. This means that this book is ideal for coloring for all family members – including those who have vision or fine motor skill challenges.

Therapeutic Value
lazy ass cats
Buddy the coloring cat channeling the Lazy Ass Cats!

Lazy Ass Cats is a coloring book that will bring fun and smiles to your day. The images are whimsy and you don’t have to feel constrained by realism – you can use any colors any way you want! You will be able to finish some of the illustrations in one sitting, so if you are having a tough time concentrating you can still feel rewarded with a completed design. I spent a lazy (!) 45 minutes on the cats in a field design above.

The Crazy Cat Lady Coloring Book Great book for everyone with a sense of humor. This is just a really fun coloring book!  4★ out of 5★.

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Through June 1, 2017, Lindsay is offering 20% off all orders placed on with the coupon code purr20. Coloring books make a great gift for cat lovers, people who love to color, and even those who don’t consider themselves to be creative. Save now.

You can also pick up your copy at:

Barnes + Noble

Retailers, would you like to sell Lazy-Ass Cats? E-mail Lindsay for wholesale info!


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  1. This is so cute. I really like The Lazy Ass Cats Coloring Book. We like cats and these would be fun to color.

  2. Dolores Miranda says:

    Oh I love this!!I’d love to get this for my Daughter In Law!She loves cats!!

  3. Jana Leah says:

    I love this! It’s funny & cute.

  4. Yep totally the coloring book for me!! lol

  5. Aww! This book looks great. However, I might like to argue that cats are actually masters of relaxation, and experts on the many benefits of both restorative sleep and gentle resting.

  6. Those are some cute pictures. My sister is a cat lover and would want this book. It may be one of her Christmas gifts.

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