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If you are looking for a great present for Mom, or even a treat for yourself – a coloring book is a great idea.  Once again I’ve scoured publishers’ and retailers’ websites to find a few new ones with something special or a little different.

Here are some of my favorites:

Just For Mom Coloring Journal

 Still looking for a great Mothers’ Day gift? This Journal includes full page coloring designs, full sized journal pages, and no preset dates (journal when you want to, not just because there is a date on the page!).  Use it to write down your dreams, your fantasies, your goals or whatever you want to make sure to remember. Includes several coloring practice pages and blank pages to use under the page you are coloring. There are 30 designs, printed single-sided in 78 pages.

The Just for Mom Coloring Journal is available now.


Inkspirations The Power of Positive Inking: Coloring for Success

Based on the bestseller The Success Principles, author Jack Canfield and illustrator Judith Clement Wall have “…expertly distilled 30 … key tenets and combined them with inspiring coloring designs to engage the mind and unlock a unique blueprint for [your] personal prosperity.”

This 8″ x 10″ coloring book includes in its 72 pages meditative mandalas, soothing symmetrical patterns, florals and animals, plus word art pages that bring key concepts into focus.  You will also find inspiring quotes, affirmations, and engaging journaling prompts for deeper exploration.  Like all Inkspirations coloring books, this one has high-quality paper for all types of markers, plus perforated pages so you can display your finished pieces as visual reminders in your home or office.

Inkspirations The Power of Positive Inking is available for pre-order, shipping May 30.

Fun Zen Coloring Book

 This coloring book is great for folks who love patterns.  It is targeted at both beginners and seasoned colorists with a variety of different levels of detail, from easy to more advanced. Just pick a picture depending on your mood and start coloring. Printed single-sided on 74 pages, the 33 beautiful, stress-relieving patterns, will spark your imagination to unleash your inner creativity beast!

Fun Zen Coloring Book is available now.

Animetrics: A Striking Color-By-Sticker Challenge

Ready for something that doesn’t need pens, pencils or markers? This “coloring” book has 15 animal portraits to complete with numbered, geometric sticker shapes. Animals include lions to birds and beyond. Intricate, complex, and absorbing, you’ll spend hours piecing together these sticker puzzles and creating something beautiful and unforgettable. 32 pages, 10.5″ x 14.5″.

Animetrics: A Striking Color-By-Sticker Challenge is available now.

…Said No Teacher, Ever!: A Coloring Book for Teachers

 Here’s a compendium of all those hilarious sayings that no teacher would ever really say (at least to your face). The 28 designs are printed single-sided on high-quality new coloring books60 pound paper.

Examples: “Woohoo! I’m all caught up” …said no teacher, ever. “I find great fulfillment in teaching to state-mandated tests”… said no teacher, ever. “I love the first day back from a three day weekend”… said no teacher, ever.  This would make a fun “end of school year” gift for a teacher – just add a set of colored pencils!

…Said No Teacher, Ever! is available now.

William Shakespeare: An Adult Coloring Book

Odessa Begay is back with another stunning coloring book for us! This time she has given us iconic scenes from the works of the world’s greatest playwright. Each stunning illustration was inspired by the Bard’s timeless tales, and references settings, motifs, and details, with one-two lines of text accompanying the image.

At 10″ x 10″ William Shakespeare: An Adult Coloring Book has 96 pages and is available now.

Stick it to ‘Em: Playful Stickers to Color & Create

 Color and create your own personalized stickers! With just a hint of silly irreverence, this book includes media ideas as well as drawing and lettering techniques and step-by-step tutorials. 35 pages of stickers, including a selection of fully designed styles to use any way you like, a variety of stickers to color in, and blank stickers to create your own. Filled with tons of puns, wit, and wisecracks.

Stick it to ‘Em has over 275 stickers to create in its 104, 8.6″ x 11″ pages and is available now.

Yuko Higuchi’s Magical Coloring Museum

 This is the long-awaited coloring book from illustrator Yuko Higuchi. Follow a brother and sister on their magical, and at times surreal, trip through Yuko Higuchi’s museum, where they are transformed into the creatures they encounter — plants, mushrooms, mammals, reptiles, mollusks, stones, and ancient creatures.

Magical Coloring Museum is 8.5″ x 9.5″, has 98 single-sided pages and is available now.

Dot-to-Dot of Tolkien

Dot-to-dots are a timeless activity, perfect for relaxation because they occupy your mind and allow your thoughts time to breathe as you work to unravel the mystery on the page. Tolkien’s incredible fantasy world lends itself perfectly to this artform, and you will be amazed at what you can create with just a single line. Connect the dots to uncover iconic characters including Legolas, Gandalf and Gollum, together with dramatic landscapes and scenes. Watch the pictures form as you turn primitive outlines into stylized drawings, finding out more about Tolkien’s creations as you do so. Lose yourself in the lands of Middle-earth as you complete 45 intricate dot-to-dot illustrations and then color them in. Designs depict iconic characters and scenes from The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings. Each puzzle contains hundreds of dots to connect, so each page is a satisfying exercise in creativity and discovery. Featuring heroes like Gandalf and Aragorn, villians such as Sauron and Smaug, and scenes from the Shire to Mount Doom, this collection of dot-to-dot puzzles will surely entertain any Tolkien fan.

Dot-to-Dot of Tolkien has 96 pages, is approximately 10″ x 10″ and available now.

Sacred Geometry Coloring Book

Drawing on the imagery from her popular Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck and Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path, this coloring book contains 45 illustrations, printed single-sided, of Hart’s renowned  paintings and drawings. Each piece is accompanied by a brief yet insightful commentary explaining the meaning behind the symbols and animals shown and offering inspiration to open your awareness to how these shapes influence our reality and tune your energies.

Sacred Geometry has 96 pages, is 8.5″ x 11″, and is available for pre-order.  Ships May 16.

Watch for my full review coming in June! 

Enchanting Mandala Mazes: Puzzles to Ponder and Solve

 Elizabeth Carpenter’s 30 mandalas also offer delightfully challenging mazes running through her striking designs. Very different from the childhood mazes you’re familiar with, each of these intricate puzzles exercises the critical part of the brain as you work your way through the winding paths.

Enchanting Mandala Mazes 72 pages, 9″ x 12″, available for pre-order.  Ships May 16.


America State by State: Fifty Removable Placemats to Color

 Inspired by original road-stop cafe paper placemats from the 1950s and ’60s, each page of America State by State is devoted to one of the fifty states. Every illustrated map features quirky drawings noting the state’s key destinations—including places and monuments—popular drinks, foods, and sports, as well as the state bird and flower.

Each page is scallop-edged (even on the perforated side) making them easy to remove, color, and frame—or use as placemats at home.

America State by State has 104 pages that are oversized – 14″ x 10″. Available for pre-order, ships May 23.

Vera Bradley Enjoy the Journey Coloring Book Pattern Portfolio

Featuring 40 classic Vera Bradley designs, each eye-catching illustration in this coloring book is printed on extra-heavy artist’s paper. A quick reference guide provides the original Vera Bradley color schemes for every named pattern in the book, with stunning original patterns also shown in two-page spreads. A full-color introduction shows you coloring techniques, craft ideas, and color swatch ideas. Featuring a gold foil-embossed gate-fold cover, this unique book even has16 gift tags and 8 ready-to-color note cards.

120 pages. Also check out Vera Bradley Seize the Day Coloring Book Pattern Portfolio.  Both available now for pre-order, shipping May 29th.

Do you have a new coloring book you are hoping to try?  Let us know which one (or ones!) in the comments section below!


8 thoughts on “New Coloring Books with Something Special – May 2017 Edition”

  1. Stephanie M. says:

    I really like the looks of the Vera Bradley one and the Stick it to Me stickers look fun too! I already have some Inkspiration books which are great, and lots of the Creative Haven ones like Good Vibes and other ‘positive feel good’ ones as I call them for lack of a better term 🙂 I enjoy them, especially when in need of some extra special coloring therapy.

  2. Margaret Appel says:

    All of these coloring books are so beautiful! I really like the one titled America State by State: Fifty Removable Placemats to Color. It reminds me of eating out with my Grandmother when I was a child, many of the Big Boy restaurants had coloring placemats & crayons for entertainment.

    1. adultcoloring101 says:

      While I was writing this post, I was trying to remember where I’d seen place-mats like this, and you got it: Big Boy with my grandparents! Too funny!

  3. Julie Waldron says:

    I love these! The America place mat one looks fun!

  4. Jana Leah says:

    My niece would love the Stick it to ‘Em book.

  5. These are some great color books! I want to buy The Power of Positive Inking By Jack Canfield. This is a great post. Thank you ☺

  6. All of these are so nice. I really like the Inkspirations The Power of Positive Inking

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