Glue Sticks & Crayons Giveaway Hop!

coloring giveawaySummer is coming to an end and that means students are getting ready to head back to school. New classrooms, new activities, new friends, new learning—the start of a new school year is always an exciting time. But, we know that getting ready for all of these new experiences can be a strain and adults can feel a bit stressed out – and left out.

What to do to ease the stress and strain? Adult Coloring 101 has partnered with an amazing group of bloggers to bring a TON of opportunities to win some great stuff to make your life easier!

What am I giving away? A Super Size Gel Pen Pack to bring some extra color into your life!

This Newdoer 120 Gel Pen set includes 28 x Glitter, 20 x Metallic, 19 x Neon, 16 x Neon glitter, 16 x Pastel, 11 x Standard, 6 x Magic and 4 x Classic colors. More than enough to let your coloring imagination run wild!

coloring giveaway coloring giveaway coloring giveaway

Learn more about these great gel pens at, and

Note: my giveaway is not sponsored by a company. It’s my way of saying “thank you” to you for being awesome!

Enter by completing the tasks in the Rafflecopter form below, and come back every day for new opportunities to increase your chances of winning.


  • Giveaway is open to readers with a mailing address in the US, Canada or UK.
  • Begins today, August 23, 2017 and ends at 11:59 EST on September 6, 2017.

And be sure to visit all of the giveaways under the Rafflecopter! You aren’t limited to winning just one prize in this giveaway hop!

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234 thoughts on “Glue Sticks & Crayons Giveaway Hop!”

  1. Mine are already back in school but what I had to get her was 1 pk paper, 2 boxes crayons and pencils. 6 glue sticks, 1 spiral notebook, 1 each red, green and blue folder, 1 1inch white binder with clear pocket. Think that was pretty much it other than the paper towels, hand gel, hand soap, and ziplock bags

  2. My daughter starts Sept 5th and unfortunately I have not bought a single thing yet. She still needs tons of supplies and clothing for cooler MI weather.

  3. All I had to provide was a student loan for my college bound granddaughter and printer paper for my younger granddaughter. However, I miss being a kid and getting new school supplies in the fall!

  4. I have to get everything on the list including crayons,colored pencils,regular pencils,markers,notebooks,filler paper and especially new backpacks because they are too beat up to use the next year.

  5. My daughter is already back in school. But she’s definitely going to need more uniforms. Can never have enough. Especially the white shirts, since she gets them dirty so quick

  6. My kids’ school sends home a long school supply list every year — everything from Kleenex and hand-sanitizer to pens to printer paper.

  7. My kids are almost set for school supplies, but I had to buy so many notebooks and pencils this year! They still need haircuts and uniform clothing.

  8. My daughter is grown. I always buy lots of notebooks, crayons, markers,glue sticks and other craft things for my niece and granddaughter to make fun crafts. I’m an avid colorist so I love gel pens and go through them fast. Thank you for the chance

  9. I don’t have kids but I know my great niece needed a new backpack and to get a small box of kleenex to take to school. She started kindergarten so there wasn’t alot of supplies that were needed 🙂

  10. I have just about everything we need to start back to school. I need to decide on a writing curriculum for the year & get our homeschool planner/binder set up.

  11. No children and I haven’t been in school since 2009. I almost miss school supply shopping. That was the only school related thing that I enjoyed. LOL

  12. I still need to get my daughter a new lunchbox. She hasn’t found the right one yet. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  13. School doesn’t start here until the 7th. I have a few things I picked up from my sons bts list over the summer. We are going to be rushing around though because he needs a lot, like everything doesn’t fit. He does have a couple pair of shorts and tees for the first week or two so that gives us a little more time to pick up jeans and a jacket.

  14. My grandsons both started back to school last week. They are pretty well set on school supplies…..just need to get some Fall clothing…way to hot right now.

  15. My children are grown, but I still get misty-eyed when I walk past the school supplies section of the store. I especially miss buying crayons, so the other day I bought the biggest set of crayons they had – the 64 box and that evening, a little girl who lives in my neighborhood was walking by my house and I gave them to her. She smiled like she won the lottery! It was awesome.

  16. For Preschool, all we needed to get was a backpack, a bottle of juice and a container of baby wipes. Pretty easy.

  17. Items needed are pencils, notebooks, glue, erasers, headphones, bookbags, pencil pouch, crayons, tissues, clothing and shoes.

  18. My kids have been back to school for a month already. I will have to get more glue sticks as always for my youngest. They run thru them like crazy.

  19. My daughter needs, markers, pens, colored pens, sharpies, highlighters, index cards, notebooks, scissors, colored pencils, a binder, and a bunch of other stuff

    1. Doesn’t it kill you!? Just when you’re think you are done and the teachers send the kids home with another list!

  20. My grandchildren have everything they need so far just waiting to see what the teachers say next week what they need if anything. I’m so excited cause my grandson starts junior kindergarten this year! It is a big day! My other grandson is starting grade 2. They are growing up :-)Thanks for a great contest!

  21. I don’t need anything for back to school for my kids, they started on August 1 and got everything on their school list the first week of school.

  22. Since my children are grown now, at this time of year I start shopping for Operation Shoebox and do my best to equip a needy child with some basic supplies and a few little toys.

  23. My wee ones need notebooks, folders, pencils, calculators, markers, Lysol Wipes, Kleenex, art sketchbooks, dray erase markers and of course this cool prize. Thank you!

  24. I still need to pick up some earbuds for my youngest daughter. They are required for use with their computers at school and I always forget them!

  25. My grandson has been in school already going on 3 weeks, so I think he should have everything that he needs. I always supply the bookpacks that they want!!!

  26. We are ready for school. The only things we need to still get is if the teacher requests something special once the year starts. Our school usually does like an angel tree for requests for the classroom. 🙂

  27. This year he doesn’t need anything as it’s his first year in Pre-K. We will probably send him a gift card for the teacher though.

  28. My nephew is going to tech school to learn heat & air conditioning. His mother and I are still waiting on his list of needs. I’m sure it’s going to have pens, pencils, notebooks, paper, etc on it.

  29. We homeschool so the only thing I really need is some more pencils, markers, erasers that go on the ends of pencils, and a few notepads.

  30. My daughter started school already, but I was surprised at how many gluesticks were needed. Do first graders eat them? Lol

  31. I don’t have kids yet so thankfully this is one expense I don’t have. Although I miss the fun of back to school shopping.

  32. WOW! these look really nice, I havn’t colored with gel pens so I don’t know how they feel but definitely like the look so far.

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