2017 Holiday Gift Guide – We Are Now Accepting Submissions

Adult Coloring 101 is now accepting submissions for our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide.

2017 holiday gift guideThe Holiday Gift Guide is one of our blog’s biggest events. You can check out our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide here.

This year, we will be showcasing adult coloring-related gift ideas for adults as well as the rest of the family, for home and away alike. The gift guide will begin November 15th and end December 15th. Examples of gift categories include:

  • Coloring books, journals, calendars, etc.
  • Unique coloring applications such as origami, ornaments, apparel, home decor
  • Coloring supplies including pencils, markers, pens, paper…
  • Relaxation products
  • Mental & physical health support and comfort products, particularly as they relate to the activity of coloring
  • Stocking stuffers

We are currently accepting gift guide submissions for each of these categories, and any others that you think would appeal to our adult coloring audience. To submit your idea scroll to the bottom to fill out the Sponsor Request Form, or email me at info@adult-coloring-101.com.

Information for Sponsors

You do not have to pay anything to participate in the Gift Guide: as a Sponsor, you can send us products, which we keep as a form of payment for our time and efforts in promoting your products on our blog, in emails to our subscribers, and on our social media channels.

Products must be shipped to our office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The amount and types of promotion you receive are based on Product Value: the retail value of the products we receive from you.

However, you can choose to “top-up” the value of the products you send to us with a payment if you want to enhance the promotions you receive.   Contact us at info@adult-coloring-101.com if you would like to consider this option.

To begin the process of participating in our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide, please complete our Sponsor Request Form, below.

Promotion Types

We offer five different types of promotion in our Gift Guide:

  • Gift Idea Listings
  • Feature Posts
  • Product Reviews
  • Sidebar Ads
  • Giveaways

The following table shows the type and amounts of promotion available for each Promotion Tier related to Product Value. Note that all Sponsors, regardless of Promotion Tier have the option to participate in one or more Giveaways.

Promotion Types
Promotion  Tier Product Value Gift Idea Listing Feature Review Sidebar Ad Giveaway
I Up to $15.00 1 Min 1
II $15.01 – $20.00 1 1  – Min 1
III $20.01 – $30.00 1 1 Min 1
IV $30.01 – $50.00 2 1  – Min 1
V $50.01 and over 2 1 2 weeks Min 1
Promotion Details

Gift Idea Listings are posts on the Adult Coloring 101 blog that feature 3 to 5 gift ideas for a certain recipient type or product category (example: “Seniors” or “Coloring Books”).

Each of the products in the listing features a stock photo and a short descriptive paragraph, as well as a link to the sponsor’s website, the retail price of the item, and a link to where the reader can buy the item. If the product is included in a Feature or Review, the paragraph will also include a link to that post on the Adult Coloring 101 website.

Many of our readers and social media followers read our Gift Idea Listings to find new, unique gift ideas for others on their gift-giving lists, or for ideas to add to their own wish-lists. They are a great way for our busy or “just browsing” readers to quickly scan for gift ideas.

Features are 300+ word blog posts that focus exclusively on one product and it’s advertised characteristics. Features include photos that we take of the product, but in most cases the photo will not show the product in use or show how it has been used by us.

In cases where more than one product is provided to reach the Sponsor Value for the Tier, we will choose the product to be featured, but the other products will be mentioned as well.

Features use a personal and familiar voice to introduce products to our readers.

Reviews are 500+ word blog posts that focus exclusively on one product and describe our personal experience and thoughts about the product.

Reviews include photos that we take showing us using, or how we have used, the product.  These are in-depth posts that are authentic and personal – more so than most other forms of advertising.  All Reviews are subject to the relevant parts of our Product Review Policy.

In cases where more than one product is provided to reach the Product Value for the Tier, we will choose the product to be reviewed, but the other products will be mentioned as well.

Reviews are great for attracting buyers who are already looking for your product and provide a great “call to action:” i.e., Buy Now!

Sidebar Ads are small (125×125 pixels in size) ads that we place in the right sidebar of the Adult Coloring 101 blog.

The sidebars (and Sidebar Ads) are visible on our Home page as well as on the right side of every individual blog post.

Sponsors who qualify for a Sidebar Ad must provide a 125×125 image, or a larger image that is perfectly square that we can downsize. We cannot use rectangular images because they will not properly resize into the 125×125 size that the space needs.

Suitable sidebar images include logos, stock images of a particular product or an ad image. Sidebar Ads cannot be videos, animated or flashing.


Blog posts that include Giveaways get an average of three times more traffic than our other posts, and are great ways to generate product awareness. We use Rafflecopter to run our giveaways.

All Sponsors who send us products for the Gift Guide may participate in one or more Giveaways. Any Sponsor who participates in a Giveaway will have the option of including entries requiring participants to follow their Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ accounts, as well as visiting their Facebook page. In this way, giveaways can draw in new followers for your own social media accounts.

If a product being given away is included in a Feature or Review post, the related Giveaway will be included in that post.  We will create a stand-alone Giveaway post for Tier I (Gift Ideas only) products.  This post will include details about the prize along with the Giveaway form.

All Giveaways will be promoted in giveaway promotion sites, such as online-sweepstakes.com, and at least three giveaway “linkies” during the term of the Giveaway. Giveaways will also be listed on our popular Giveaways page.

Sponsors must promote the Giveaway at least once on each of their social media accounts during the term of the Giveaway. Sponsors are responsible for shipping Giveaway prizes directly to the winner within two weeks of the end of the giveaway.

We typically run giveaways for 14-16 days.

Approximately 85% of our audience is from the US, and another 10% from Canada so we recommend opening your giveaway to entrants in both the US and Canada.


Every Gift Idea Listing, Feature, Review, and stand-alone Giveaway will be promoted to our subscribers via a dedicated email. Two Giveaway reminder emails are also sent to our subscribers during the term of each Giveaway.

Social Media

Social media posts help us reach individuals who follow us on social media but don’t subscribe.  Social media extends your exposure even more when others like, comment on and re-share these posts.

Every Gift Idea Listing, Feature, Review, and stand-alone Giveaway will be promoted at least once on each of our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.  All Giveaways are promoted several times on each social media account during the term of the Giveaway.

October 21, 2017 Last Day to Submit Sponsor Request Form to Adult Coloring 101
October 24, 2017 Adult Coloring 101 Provides Confirmation of Participation to Sponsors
November 3, 2017 Last Day for Review Products to be Received by Adult Coloring 101
November 4, 2017 Last Day for Feature Products to be Received by Adult Coloring 101
General Guidelines
  • We follow FTC disclosure requirements for bloggers.
  • We adhere to Google webmaster guidelines.
  • In the unlikely event that your product breaks or doesn’t work as advertised, and it is scheduled for a Review, we will contact you to let you know what happened and to discuss our options.
  • If you send a product different from that agreed-upon (including color, size, or quantity), we cannot guarantee that it will be included in a Gift Guide, Feature, or Review, as applicable.
  • We do not run giveaways for discounts, coupons, sample or trial sized products or products that are available to the general public for free.
  • Sponsors are responsible for the cost of shipping items directly to the winners.

  • Is there a payment or fee involved with being included in our 2017  holiday gift guide?

No. There is no fee or payment involved for sponsors who send us product(s) for the gift guide.

  •  I don’t have a product to send for review. Can I participate in your gift guide still?

Yes! In lieu of product, we may accept payment. Contact me for rates.

  •  My business is based outside of the US. Can I still participate?

No matter where you are located, you can participate as long as you can ship your product to our office in Canada.

  •  I am a small business, indie author/publisher or Etsy shop owner. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! We love to support and promote independent and small businesses.

Sponsor Request Form

Ready help us celebrate this year’s holiday season and increase product awareness? Fill out the form below OR email me at info@adult-coloring-101.com with your product details. You can also email me with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the gift guide.

[contact-form-7 id=”6224″ title=”2016 Holiday Gift Guide Sponsor Request”]

Thank you so much for considering a partnership with Adult Coloring 101!


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