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I love to support independent artists and businesses because they usually have unique and high quality products.crystal

As I was browsing Etsy for some interesting colouring products to add to this year’s Holiday Gift Guide, I came across Crystal Salamon, a Canadian artist from Alberta.

Crystal Salamon kindly sent me some samples of her products. I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while using these products. This post does contain affiliate links.

About Crystal Salamon
crystla“Inspiring Creativity Through Colouring”

Crystal Salamon creates unique, hand-drawn colouring goodies. Her various formats – colouring books, prints, printables, posters, and stickers – have beautiful and diverse designs, inspiring for all ages and skill levels!

Of course, Crystal is a a passionate artist, but she is also an art instructor, extreme sport enthusiast and on top of that the mother of two very busy boys! She is also a passionate advocate for colouring’s ability to encourage mindfulness and inspire creativity. Dozens of news outlets across Canada have covered Crystal including CTV News, Huffington Post and Mercedes-Benz Magazine.


crystalCrystal’s hand-drawn designs are inspired by tattoo art, henna, steampunk, armor, medieval art, fantasy and nature.  Depending upon which format you choose, you will find dragons, insects, birds, animals, sugar skulls, mandalas, sea creatures, faces, figures and abstract designs and patterns.  Some objects are filled with patterns.

Medium: Staedtler Triplus Markers

Line work in most formats is medium to heavy, making it very easy to stay within the lines, if that is your thing. Some designs have smaller elements to colour, while others have more white space to express your creativity. I think that some designs would be great for kids (7+) as well as colourists with a bit of vision challenge or less-than-steady hand.

Media: Prismacolor Premier markers & BIC Markits


Everything old is…stickers again!  Besides being just plain easy ways to add a personalized zip of colour to a window, your laptop, iPad cover or whatever, Crystal’s stickers are a great size and are perfect for showcasing your vibrant alcohol-based markers.

I did watch Crystal’s instructive video to get some tips before I started colouring, and my first piece – the bird above that is now on my iPad cover – turned out beautifully!

All ten of the stickers are about 5-1/2″.


crystalCrystal has 12 different posters, all printed on 18″ x 24″ super heavy cardstock.  They are folded twice and packaged in a protective acrylic sleeve for mailing.

I have been using my Prismacolor Premier pencils and BIC Markits to colour-in my cat poster, and the finish with both is beautiful! The large format means that even the details are easy to colour and leaves enough space to add your own details such as stippling, squiggles, hatching, etc.

Colouring Books

crystalTo date, Crystal has published two high quality and very high-rated colouring books for adults. I received a signed copy of Ignite: Artful Coloring to try and can see why people love it!

The 37 unique designs in this colouring book will appeal to a wide audience and include dragons, steampunk inspired pictures, mandalas, sea turtles, butterflies and so much more.  There is a good balance of open areas to blend or play with however you might want and more intricate areas with lots of fun detail.

The book is just a smidgen under 8-1/2″ x 11″ and has full-colour, heavy cardstock covers. The inside front and back covers, as well as the title page, have colourable patterns. If you want you can easily crack the binding to get the book to lay flat. The designs are printed single-sided on smooth, bright white heavy recycled paper, so any colouring media looks beautiful.  However, if you do use alcohol-based markers and colour in the book without removing the page, put a protective sheet behind to avoid any ink bleeding onto the next design.

The designs are printed with margin all around, some with a border.  None of the designs run into the gutter.  Although not perforated, there is a handy cutting line. When removed from the book, the pages are perfect for 8″x 10″ frames, and even have a space at the bottom for you to sign your work.

Christmas Family Fun!
Inset: List of 200 items to find!

For the holidays, Crystal has a surprisingly Family Fun Christmas Colouring Game! This is a “seek-and-find” colouring game consisting of a large (22″ x 17″) poster, a list of 200 Christmas-themed items to find and an instruction sheet. All of the items were suggested by members of Crystal’s online Facebook colouring group.

I am finding it particularly relaxing to “play” this game by myself, and with the kids! And I have taken the  instructions to heart and am Googling some of the items I am not familiar with, such as Sinterklaas.

The paper is midweight bond, but as long as you have a protective backing you can use pens, pencils or markers of any type on it. Some of the items are small, so I found my Staedtler Triplus markers perfect.


I just love Crystal’s colouring designs and the different ways you can colour them. The variety of designs means you will find something to fit your mood. You could create a nice gift bundle for a colouring fan on your holiday gift list!

You can buy all of Crystal’s products at her online Etsy store. You can also find Crystal on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Meet Crystal!

If you are in or around Calgary, Alberta, you can meet Crystal and check out her products at the Yogadotcalm Christmas Market on December 2nd from 9 am to 2 pm (details HERE).


Crystal Salamon has generously offered to send one lucky reader a bundle of her colouring goodies, worth over CA$40.00.  The bundle includes:

Simply follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter below.  This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents, and closes on December 10th at 12:59 pm.
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      I have it! It’s epic!!! So many different things to find great for all ages and coloring abilities

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      It’s the first one I bought. So many amazing options it was hard to pick which to do first.

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    Crystal is Wonderful! Have both her books and can’t wait to tackle the Christmas seek and find this year at family Christmas. Stickers make Great luggage tags!! Hope she is secretly working on a third book the high quality paper and great tooth make them my favourite books to sit back relax and color with. Crystal is also super giving and supports many great Canadian adventures including The Great Trail and does amazing tutorial on her YouTube!

  15. ana luisa says:

    very nice. i am only sad because i am in uk and i can’t participate

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      It is fun! We are having a blast playing with our little ones ages 6 and 4!

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