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christmas animal quest

Earlier this year I reviewed a unique color-by-number book from Sunlife Drawing.  Sunlife Drawing has now published a Christmas version to keep your spirits bright and colorful through the holiday season: Christmas Animal Quest.

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Sunlife Drawing kindly sent me coloring books to try. I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while using these books. This post does contain affiliate links.

Overview of Christmas Animal Quest

Christmas Animal Quest is a unique coloring book with 20 adorable Christmas animals hidden in hexagonal grids with numbers in the cells. Each number means a particular color from a 20-color palette. You will know what animal is hidden on the page only when you start coloring.


christmas animal questAnimal Quest’s pages do not have hand-drawn designs. Instead they are filled with tiny, numbered hexagons. And only once you finish coloring in a bit of it do you know what the creature that you are coloring is – the “quest.”

Animals you will find include kittens, a horse, donkeys, a raccoon and much more, all in holiday settings.

All of the hexagons are the same size – which is quite small – and the color by number lines are very light, as are the color-coordinated numbers. As a result, with most coloring media the lines and numbers all but disappear when you color.

There is not any white space to add your own coloring flourishes, but you could certainly add some detail such as outlining or shading once you complete the coloring in.

The back of each page is black, with a grey color key so you don’t have to memorize or keep referring to the full-color key on the back of the book.

christmas animal quest
Media: Staedtler Triplus & DuoColor Markers

Christmas Animal Quest Color by Number is 8-1/2″ x 11″ and its covers are glossy and full-color flexible card stock. The front cover shows a completed design and the back has the color code “key.”

This is a lightweight book, so you will have the best results when you place it on a hard surface while coloring.

The hexagons are printed quite close to the gutter of the book. The binding is glued, and strong, so it is difficult to just tear out individual pages without ripping them (there are not any perforations).  Either color in the book (using a protective sheet underneath), or carefully remove pages with an Xacto knife. You can easily fold back the front cover for a sturdier coloring surface if you want to.

Printed single-sided, the pages are black on the reverse to hide any bleed-through.


One of the features that make this an easy coloring book is that you not only are the colors chosen for you, but you only need 20 colors of your pen, pencil or marker of choice.

However, if you have any vision challenges or limited hand mobility, this is probably not the coloring book for you as the hexagonal elements are all small.  However, the printed numbers are not hard to read.

Therapeutic Value

One of the best things about a color-by-number book is that if you are particularly stressed, you can let it go a bit because you will not have to decide on colors. As well, finding out what you are coloring is surprisingly exciting and fascinating at the same time.  I found I got really absorbed in coloring the little hexagons, clearing my mind for a while!


This holiday coloring book will be a great choice for everybody who likes coloring and puzzles, and is looking for a bit of escape.

Other books from the Quest “Color-by-Number” series include:



Sunlife Drawing has offered to send one copy of a random Quest color-by-number coloring book to five Adult Coloring 101 readers!

Simply follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter below.  This giveaway is open to the US, Canada and UK, and closes at midnight (EST) on December 18, 2017.

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38 thoughts on “Christmas Animal Quest & Giveaway – 2017 Holiday Gift Guide”

  1. Renee Rousseau says:

    POKEMON QUEST Color by Number: Activity Puzzle Coloring Book would be a definite first choice in this family!

  2. Christa Bengtsson says:

    I like the Christmas Animal Quest.

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    I would like the Baby Animal Quest.

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    I’d also like their EASY to DRAW 20 Characters from ALICE in WONDERLAND and the EASY to DRAW Cartoon Animals.

  5. kathy Agate says:

    Christmas Animal Quest Coloring Book

  6. EASY to DRAW Anime & Manga FACES + EMOTIONS: Step by Step Guide How to Draw 28 Emotions on Different Faces.

  7. I like the Animal Quest Baby and especially the Animal Quest Christmas.

  8. The Pokémon quest looks really cool

  9. Deborah N says:

    I like the sugar skull character coloring book. I think the pokemon quest book looks like fun also.

  10. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    I would like to have the ANIMAL LOVE QUEST book.

  11. Kara Middleton says:

    I like the Animal Quest Christmas book.

  12. Kathleen L says:

    Alice in Wonderland

  13. Kristin C says:

    I’d like to try the Christmas Animal Quest.

  14. Scott MacMillan says:

    I like the EASY to DRAW 20 Characters from ALICE in WONDERLAND.

  15. Mary Somerville says:

    I like their Easy to Draw Animals by Alphabet book for kids. It would be good to build their confidence, and interest in art.

  16. Diane Vos says:

    this is an awesome idea thank you for the chance to win.

  17. I’d love to get the Baby Animal Quest color book.These books look so fun to color. Thank you for the chance ☺🎄

  18. Gaye Valle says:

    Pokémon Quest looks interesting.

  19. Jessica Whitehouse says:

    I have tried one other color by number book, but the pictures were of 3d shapes and fractals. Y think I would enjoy one of the animal themed books instead.

  20. elizabeth tierce-miller says:

    I would love to have the Animal Quest Baby.

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    I would like to try their Animal Quest Volume 4.

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    I’d love to colour the BABY ANIMAL QUEST Color by Number. It looks like a lot of fun.

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    I would also like the SUNLIFE COLORING Alice in Wonderland

  25. Adrenna Shipman says:

    The animals are very adorable. I would like to try that book!

    1. Adrenna Shipman says:

      The baby animals are very adorable. I would like to try that book!

  26. Jana Leah says:

    I’d like to try the Animal Quest Color by Number book.

  27. Diana Wright says:

    Animal Quest Baby

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    I like the Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls Coloring Book.

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    I also like EASY to DRAW Cartoon Animals: Draw & Color 26 Cute Animals.

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    The Christmas Animal Quest looks great

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    I would also like to try anime and Manga the characters are so cute.

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    Animal Quest Love Book

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