Holiday Coloring & Creating with Sarah Renae Clark Printables – 2017 Holiday Gift Guide


sarah renae clarkOne of the things I love the most about Christmas is that it’s the one time of year when we take a break from life and just enjoy time with family, doing things we love. For my family this year the activity is coloring, of course!

A wonderful source for inspiration for me this year has been Sarah Renae Clark and her Christmas printables.

Sarah Renae Clark kindly gave me some printables to try. I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while using the products. This post does contain affiliate links.

About Sarah Renae Clark
Page from Coloring Book

Sarah Renae Clark is an Australian illustrator and graphic designer.  She has produced a number of coloring books, including inspirational and holiday-themed ones.  Sarah also has an extensive collection of printable coloring pages on her website,

Sarah has tons of printables to bring a bit of coloring fun to your Christmas – whether you like to color as an activity, or whether you like to color for giving. My favorite is Sarah’s all-inclusive Christmas Coloring Bundle.

What is in the Bundle?
Christmas Gift Box

Inside the Christmas bundle you’ll discover everything you need to express the warmest holiday wishes with coloring. With some you will also add just a bit of paper crafting  – easy cutting, folding and gluing.

You can get everything in the bundle “à la carte” as well.  And that everything includes a holiday-themed coloring book, colorable ornaments to trim your tree; crackers to decorate your table; wrapping paper, tags and boxes to add a special touch to your gifts; and colorable greeting cards so you can share the Christmas cheer. The package also includes an Advent calendar and bookmarks.

How Does It Work?

printablesAll items are digital downloads (PDF files in .zip folders) and are sized to print on standard 8.5×11” paper (US Letter). Once you complete your purchase online, you will see (and receive via email) the download links. Download to your computer or device, click to open, print and color away!

Although any of the printables can be printed on regular paper, I highly recommend using a heavy card stock with a weight of at least 65 pounds when you are making the ornaments, boxes or bookmarks. Neenah Astrobrights Premium  is one of my favorites. Check this post for some great tips on getting the best printables.

You will need to cut when making the gift tags, bookmarks, small cards, boxes and ornaments. I found it easiest to cut the pieces using a ruler and Xacto knife.  When folding, I wish I’d known of the existence of tools like this set!  Instead, I scored the folding lines with “dashes” of very light Xacto.  This worked well except for the fact that the scoring exposed a tiny bit of the white paper along the folds.

For assembling the boxes and ornaments, I tried glue dots and a hot glue gun.  Both worked equally well, so what you use really depends upon your preference.


All of Sarah’s printables are beautiful illustrations with joyous imagery and, on some, merry sentiments.

From Coloring Book

The images are hand-drawn and generally abstract/geometric which makes them quite charming. The line thickness throughout is medium to heavy. The intricacy and detail levels vary, with some, such as the Christmas lights from the coloring book (on right), are quite simple. Others are more detailed with lots of small sections.  but when coloring you can “lump” sections together and use the line work as details.  These are more appropriate for folks with good vision.


From Coloring Book

In terms of mental health, I think Sarah’s printables are wonderful because they are projects with a very clear purpose and end point, ideal for anyone who struggles to get motivated. Sharing is always a good thing, so when you color the cards, gift tags, boxes and papers you know you’ll be sharing the love with someone you care about,

My Take

Even if you aren’t usually a very crafty person, the bundle pays for itself in holiday gift cards, tags, and simple gifts that are perfect for friends and family. Having a holiday party? Print out a bunch of the ornament and box templates, supply different media (sparkly and metallic gel pens work beautifully!), glue dots, string and maybe even glitter and you have a wonderful holiday party activity!

If you are looking for fun coloring, and more, for the holidays, Sarah Renae Clark’s Christmas Coloring Bundle is definitely for you!

Want to try before you buy?  You can get a free ornament printable here, or a free coloring page hereIf you want a printed version of the coloring book, Coloring Christmas is available at and

To see more about Sarah check her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Do you like to color with the family for Christmas? Tell us about it in the Comments section below!


4 thoughts on “Holiday Coloring & Creating with Sarah Renae Clark Printables – 2017 Holiday Gift Guide”

  1. Very nice selection for Christmas giving.

  2. Christine Green says:

    Thank you for introducing me to this artist. I was able to download a few free pages and I forward to coloring these pages.

  3. Patricia McGrath says:

    I’ve been doing this since I was first introduced, suffering from severe anxiety and depression as well as P.T.S.D. I am on meds but I would be woken up from my sleep with panic attacks and anxiety attacks, the medication work but was not lasting as long as they should.
    After getting into the adult coloring pages and books, I haven’t had any panic attacks unless the stress was very bad, I sleep without meds, I my anxiety has decreased significantly, and the only thing that helped me was this.

    1. adultcoloring101 says:

      I am so happy for you, Patricia! I, too, have found calm and stress-relief from coloring. Plus, it is fun and can be artistic! All my best to you!

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