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If someone on your holiday shopping list is a colorist I have some great ideas for stocking stuffers, all under $10 and highly rated.  Or, you can bundle a few of these for a more bountiful gift.

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 Colorless Blenders 

Blenders – in the form of pencils or markers – are great for blending colors, of course.  However, they are also great for eliminating white spotting show-through when using colored pencils on paper that has a texture to it.  And a secret: an alcohol-based colorless marker is great for smoothing the look of softer colored pencils, such as Prismacolor Premiers.

 Pencil Sharpeners

Every colorist will appreciate a new pencil sharpener in their stocking! Make sure to remind your giftee to sharpen a regular graphite pencil every so often to clean the blades, and that it’s best to use the wider-angle option on the sharpener. If you use the option to have a long pointy lead, it’s just going to break on you. Also, with a 2 or 3 hole sharpener, you can switch the blades when one they use most begins to get dull – just use a small screwdriver.


Although it is close to impossible to completely erase colored pencil, you can minimize stray marks. And a good eraser will also let a colorist lighten a too-bright color choice, or create details with strategically placed erasures.

Coloring Books

If you have a traveler on your list, a good-quality, purse-sized coloring will be so appreciated!

Other Great Ideas

Need more ideas? Pencil extenders are great for getting the last bit out of a colored pencil before it is retired.

Gel pens in white and metallics can add interesting highlights to a colored page.

Empty, white backgrounds can be intimidating, but pastels will quickly add some life.

For folks who love to display their finished coloring, a sealing spray will protect it from smudging and dust accumulation.

Pencil wraps are a great way to store, and travel with, colored pencils in style.

Fans of printable coloring books and pages will always appreciate a supply of card stock.

A Bit More….

If you have a little more cash to spend, here are some items to consider. They may not fit in a stocking but they would be exciting gifts to open from under the tree.

An electric pencil sharpener is great for colored pencil fans.

How about a coloring supply bag? This one holds up to 132 pens/pencils, and has a pocket to hold erasers, sharpeners, or even a small coloring book. You can also get add-on sleeves to increase the capacity.

If your coloring addicted giftee needs some organizational assistance, what about a fancy, but wallet-friendly, storage unit?

There you go!  And again don’t forget to check out Amazon Prime, for its fast free shipping benefits as well as movies and music.  You can try it free for 30 days and then cancel without paying a cent if you are not satisfied!

Do you have any great stocking stuffer ideas for colorists?  Let us know in the Comments section below!

One thought on “Stocking Stuffers Under $10 – 2017 Holiday Gift Guide”

  1. Christine Green says:

    I think the pencil wraps are a great idea for someone who enjoys coloring. When I travel away from home for a few nights, I always feel so conflicted about how many pens & pencils to take with me. These wraps seem like the perfect way to travel away from home and still enjoy my favorite hobby.

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