5 Ways Coloring Can Make You Feel Better During the Pandemic


During this COVID-19 pandemic, we can use all the help we can get to deal with the inevitable stresses. And coloring may be just the solution!

But exactly how, and why?

Many consider coloring to be a form of therapy, although not quite as regimented as the art therapy that professional therapists use. Coloring can make you feel better in many ways by allowing you time to switch off the noise of the world around you and focus on your creativity while relaxing.

1. Coloring may help you improve your brain function.

Coloring can give your brain a workout because it requires the use of both sides of your brain: the creative and the logical hemispheres.

pandemic coloring

When choosing the colors and actively coloring you are being artistic, which uses the creative side of your brain. You are using the logical side of your brain when you are focusing, organizing, and creating ideas for your coloring.

2. Coloring can help improve your focus.

For weeks now, most of us have had to deal with the constant distractions of truly irrelevant noise from smartphones, social media, and inevitable squabbles caused by the whole family staying home together. Without focus your thoughts get scattered and you can find it hard to make good decisions.   

pandemic coloring

When we color, we are forced to put our e-devices aside and tune out the “chatter” as we concentrate. Coloring therefore makes it easier to focus effectively.

3. Coloring can be similar to meditation.

If you are like me, sometimes these days you feel overwhelmed with all the negative news and sadness in the world. Meditating can help ease this pain, including improving our sleep and improving our memory.

Coloring can be meditation, too, by helping you focus on the moment and turn off or tune out negative thoughts. This means that coloring can bring you into the present and help to slow down your mind, again just like like meditation.

4. Coloring can help you practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness means staying in the present and not allowing memories or worrisome thoughts about the future take over. Some studies say that being mindful can lower anxiety levels. 

While we color we have to focus on the task at hand, allowing us to block our thoughts. And as we focus on the present moment of the activity of coloring, we are mindful, at least in the short term.

5. Coloring can help you deal with difficult experiences.

Art is considered to be a great treatment for those suffering from trauma and other mental health issues. When it comes to coloring, the focus we need for filling in the shapes and our concentration on color choices may mean that our negative thoughts can be replaced by the activity of drawing.

So in summary, getting yourself a coloring book and some markers or colored pencils could help you through this pandemic!

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We would love to hear how coloring has helped you deal with this pandemic. Please share your experience in the comments section below, and show us your your completed coloring on our Facebook Page!


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