“In the Garden” Color & Frame Coloring Book : Review

in the garden coloring book

I purchased this coloring book with my own money. I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while using this book. This post does contain affiliate links.

Since I have been struggling with increased arthritis pain in my hands, I have had to make some temporary adjustments to my coloring “habits.” I have put away my very-loved, but very detailed, Johanna Basford and Kerby Rosanes coloring books for the time being and have been looking for coloring books that are a bit easier on my hands.

After reading a lot of reviews, I bought a copy of Simple 1-2-3 ™ In the Garden Color & Frame coloring book featuring the art of Lily Ashbury.


In the Garden is just one of fifteen “Color & Frame” coloring books published by New Seasons.

in the garden coloring book series
The coloring book series

This particular coloring book from the series has flower and other garden-themed images to color.

The inside front and back covers show four of the designs colored-in for inspiration, if you want or need it.

in the garden inside front cover
Inside front cover: a bit of inspiration


In the Garden is 8″ x 10″ with 64 pages. The binding is spiral, so you can easily lay the book flat when coloring. The pages are perforated to make it easy to remove them for when you are coloring, or afterwards for displaying. The front and back covers are glossy and medium weight – you will most likely want to place the book on a hard surface, like a table or clipboard.

in the garden marker bleed-through
Back page of coloring with alcohol-based markers

The images are printed only on one side of the paper. The paper itself is white, medium weight and does have some tooth. The tooth means that alcohol-based markers, and some juicier water-based ones (such as Prismacolor Scholar brush-tips) do bleed on the design. When I colored with my Adaxi alcohol-based art markers the ink bled through the paper and spotted on the next page; make sure to put a sheet of paper under the design you are coloring if you don’t remove the illustration from the book beforehand or you will ruin the subsequent design.

I did test my Prismacolor Premier colored pencils on one design: the colors laid down beautifully and layering, shading and blending were easy. The smooth texture ensured solid coverage and minimal, at most, white spotting.

in the garden

I ended up using the title page of the book to see how my tools would work on the paper, and was able to adjust how hard or gently I colored to minimize bleeding on the designs and maximize color intensity.

Print quality is excellent – no pixelation.


Most of the designs in In the Garden are flower-related repeating designs, like you might find on wallpaper. Some illustrations also have an animal or two, such as birds, deer and insects. Line work is light-to-medium throughout

in the garden
“Typical” illustration

Twenty-two of the designs fill the page, so that some of the illustration not only crosses over the perforation but also runs into the spiral binding. As the majority of these are patterns, that is not an issue if you intend to remove them for displaying.

in the garden perforations and binding


in the garden design
One of the few more intricate designs

Overall, I rate this coloring book on the easier end of the difficulty scale. There are a few more challenging designs with tiny elements; these may be challenging for those with a visual or motor impairment.

Therapeutic Value

I was able to finish most of the illustrations in one sitting. As such, most of the designs will give you a sense of accomplishment no matter how you are feeling or what kind of mood you are in.

My Rating of this Coloring Book: 4★

In the Garden is a relatively easy, well-priced, garden-themed adult coloring book. The 32 illustrations are printed single-sided and elements are, for the most part, relatively easy to color. This would make a great coloring book for a beginner colorist as well as anyone with motor impairment.

Single-side pagesMarker bleeding
Spiral bindingSome images cross perforations
Pages perforatedNeeds solid surface

What do you think of this coloring book?  Let us know in the comments section below!


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  1. I love these designs. I like to go to fabric stores and see fabrics like this, although I haven’t been able to, and the best store is no longer there, but I could enjoy with these pretty flowers!

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