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I love seeing what all of you have been coloring: not only the quality, but the thought and soul put into each design. Without exception, all of the pieces I’ve seen over the last several months are beautiful in many ways; I guess the pandemic has brought out the creativity in us.

So I decided to share a few of my own recent pieces with you. I am in no way as talented as as many of you, but I do love the pastime. Here are a few of my completed designs:

The items for sale in this post I purchased with my own money. I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while coloring. This post does contain affiliate links.

Don’t Worry – Eat Cake

coloring  dont worry eat cake

Image: Don’t Worry, Eat Cake by Katie Vaz

Medium: Adaxi Alcohol-Based Markers NOTE: These markers are currently on sale for $19.99 for a set of 60, plus a 10% off coupon!

Yesterday I was feeling a bit blue, and went to Don’t Worry, Eat Cake by Katie Vaz to cheer up. I love this book, not only for the variety of designs but as well as its intent: “A coloring book to cheer you up, Don’t Worry, Eat Cake is a gentle reminder to be more forgiving. It’s less about pushing ourselves and more about being nice to ourselves.  Some of these original sayings are humorous, some are sweet, and some are inspirational, but all remind us that we’ll be okay after all.”

I colored with my Adaxi markers, and it was so satisfying to complete it in less than an hour while I was watching television. I stuck it on our refrigerator for some positive inspiration.

Flower Haiku

coloring flower haiku

Image: Flower Haiku Coloring Book – Print At Home, by Ellie Marks

Media: Adaxi Alcohol-Based Markers; Tebik fineliner markers for outlines

After spending quite a bit of time coloring patterns and abstracts over the summer, I decided to go back to a few floral designs, and this downloadable caught my eye when I was perusing Etsy, (which is a great place for finding printables, by the way!).

Knots of the Garden

Images: Knots of the Garden – Digital Coloring Page Collection, by Jeanette Wummel

Medium: Adaxi Alcohol-Based Markers

This is a downloadable coloring book that has some gorgeous illustrations of intricate knots with insects, plants and other garden-related subjects woven through them. One reviewer’s feedback: “What a beautiful page, in fact the books are absolutely gorgeous. Have purchased book and individual pages, intend to keep on collecting.”

I practiced some blending and shading on both of these designs, and tried – my first time – to make a freehand shadow (under the koi in the pond).

Roots of Design

coloring roots of design

Image: Facebook post, by Jeanette Wummel. (You can find Jeanette’s cute downloadable printable coloring books and pages on Etsy.)

Medium: Adaxi Alcohol-Based Markers plus Tebik fineliner markers for small elements and outlines.

I know it is a bit early, but there was almost a nip in the air and I felt like coloring something Halloween. Sure enough I came across a Facebook post from Jeanette Wummel of Roots of Design with an adorable printable pumpkin scene. Jeanette posted this illustration for everyone to use in her September coloring contest, which closes September 30th. Make sure to check out all the fun entries in the comments section of the post!

Color & Frame

Images: Color & Frame Coloring Book – In the Forest

Media: Insects – BIC Ultrafine Markit Permanent Markers, and a few greys from my Adaxi set. Hedgehog: Adaxi permanent markers with Staedtler fineliners for outlines and smaller elements.

My husband’s grandson, Charlie, messaged to me a picture of his coloring to show me how he was using up his old metallic Crayola markers (a subtle gift hint?). He inspired me to try to coax the final drops of ink from my much-loved BIC MarkIts. I decided on a design from In the Forest that had quite a bit of fine detail and used just the few colors remaining from my set.

As for the hedgehog, I recently saw a set of colored-in animals that were decidedly not in a natural pallete. I’d been waiting to color this adorable guy so green he became!

Mandala, of Course!

coloring kelly dietrich

Image: Free printable from Kelly Dietrich (Kelly also has printable mandala coloring pages – singles and sets – in her Etsy store.)

Medium: Adaxi Alcohol-Based Markers

Every now and then I do love to practice difference color palettes on mandalas. Pretty much each month Kelly Dietrich posts a free printable on her website; with pink and blue on my mind, this is the result!

Botanical Floral Sketches 

Images: Downloadable Botanical Floral Sketches from Sia Pretty Printables

Medium: Adaxi Alcohol-Based Markers plus Tebik fineliner markers for small elements and outlines

I am often trying to improve my shading and blending, and find flowers are the best for this. I found this printable coloring book on Etsy that is chock-full of flower designs, and I really like how these turned out!

So, what have you been coloring? Let us know in the comments section below, and share your pictures on our Facebook page!


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  1. Oh, so many nice ones! I love the Botanical Floral Sketches!!

  2. megan allen says:

    So pretty!! I love these! Thanks for sharing!

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