12 Unique Gifts for Coloring Fans from Etsy


2020 Holiday Gift Guide

No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, I bet you will find the perfect gift on Etsy , particularly for the coloring fan on your list.

Etsy is a marketplace where artisans and crafters sell their creations. And when you shop on Etsy, you’ll be supporting a craftsperson, which feels particularly good during the holidays. To make finding the best gifts on Etsy a little easier, I’ve scoured the site and picked out some amazing top-rated presents for the adult coloring fans on your list – or even you!

Disclosure: I chose these recommendations myself. Purchases you make through links may earn me a commission.

1. DIY Face Cat Smile Face Mask

Make wearing masks fun! This mask is available in several sizes and is complete with 8 fabric markers for coloring. The ear loops are adjustable and it comes with nose clips (which are critical for glasses wearers like me!)

Hubbards Fandom Ware, $26.99+

2. Color Your Own Quilt

For the colorist who is on the “super nice” list this year! This 57″ x 50″ cotton quilt is perfect for snuggling, but it’s extra special because you get to make it your own. It includes thirty 5″ squares with mandala designs for the recipient to color. Includes a 9″ by 10″ sample swatch to practice coloring and 20 fabric markers. Seller can customize the size, too!

Losing the Thread, $219.99

3. Color Your Own Yoga Mat

Another idea for a well-deserving giftee, this natural rubber and super sticky 72″ x 24″ yoga mat is recyclable and eco-friendly : no toxic materials, no glue and 100% vegan. It comes with a carrying strap but markers are not included (Sharpies recommended).

DI Yogi Yoga Mats, $122.15

4. Pencil Sharpener Ring

Show the world you are always prepared for coloring! This handmade sterling silver ring is actually quite delicate and pretty, and is adjustable.

Meiro Joyas, $53.25

5. Wood Pencil Holder – Small

Although intended for Montessori, this compact (15″ x 2.75″) pencil holder is also ideal for home use where every inch of space counts. Each cup holds 8-10 pencils and is removable.

Mazais Meistars, $48.92

6. Wood Pencil Holder – Larger Capacity

This is a larger capacity version of the pencil holder above, with the same size (15″ x 2.75″). Each hole holds 10-12 pencils.

Mazais Meistars, $40.74

7. Color Your Own Ornaments

This set of four, two-sided ornaments are a perfect for the family to work on together. Put them your own tree, or give as gifts to family members. Each is about 3.5″ in diameter and 1.5″ wide, with a 3.5″ ribbon. Markers not included but you can find them here.

Scribbler Experiment, $38.00

8. Dayan Cat Coloring Postcards

This book of coloring postcards is perfect for more experienced colorists who love cats and Asian themes. And Dayan! Approximately 8″ x 6″.

70 East Books, $13.00

9. Upcycled Colored Pencil Necklace

Let your giftee show their love for coloring on their neck. This handmade necklace was made using recycled Derwent colored pencils.  You can make a set with cute, button-styled colored pencil earrings.

Upcycled by ZincWhite, $53.58

10. Chocolate Crayons

What colorist wouldn’t love a dozen adorable chocolate crayon lollipops?! You can choose one color or a mix. Available in white, milk or dark chocolate.

Mandies Candies, $18.00

11. Crayon-Scented Candle

How about setting the perfect coloring atmosphere with the scent of crayons wafting in the air? In addition to this candle, you could also gift a wooden wick 8oz candle, 1oz glass spray bottle, 5ml fragrance oil (for burners), 10ml Roll On Body Oil Applicator, 2 pack wax melt clam shells, or a 3 pack of 12″ incense.

Familiar Fragrances, $10.00

12. Printables Galore!

https://tidd.ly/36YLmDeStuck for a last-minute, inexpensive gift? Download a printable directly from the artist, and send it to your giftee! Or, print it yourself on quality cardstock, add a pack of gel pens, and wrap it all up. I have purchased and can recommend pintables from Palette Primitives, Ellie Marks, Sia Pretty Printables, Artistic Will, and Knots to Color.

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Be sure to visit Etsy’s Holiday Shop for more great gift ideas.

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20 thoughts on “12 Unique Gifts for Coloring Fans from Etsy”

  1. The most memorable gift I ever received was my Easy-Bake oven!

  2. Debbie N. says:

    My favorite gift ever was a picture of birds that my son made for me. It sits above my computer and I look at it every day.

  3. Debbie N. says:

    I would love a paint water cup that has a spot to put the brush. There are so many nice ones on Etsy!

  4. The most memorable gift I have ever received was my first bicycle that I got from my parents for my 7th birthday.

  5. megan allen says:

    I love the mask! All great gift ideas!

  6. The best gift I ever received was a full set of pastels as a middle schooler. I liked to spend much time in the art room of the library, and do art work at home. I loved what I could create with pastels, esp florals.

  7. I think the best gift I received was my daughter, a few days after Christmas.

  8. BlackAsphodel says:

    Best gift ever was a smartphone for obvious reasons (price).

  9. YOLANDA DAVIS says:

    My best Xmas gift was my daughter in 1999.

  10. Crazy Cat says:

    The best gift I ever received was a set of 100 colorful Sharpie markers–totally unexpected, for no reason. Lovely!

  11. my wife and I had just started dating and she went and bought me a golf bag engraved I loved it so much I have never forgotten it

  12. Last year my son picked me out a flower and it is the best thing I have ever received. Because it came from my 5 year old straight from the heart!

  13. Amanda Whitley says:

    its so hard to say because i love any gift that means someone thought enough of me to gift me anything. I would say my engagement ring of course.

  14. Dynal Roberson says:

    My second son was a wonderful birthday present for me. I love my kids, I can’t think of any material item that comes to mind as the best present.

  15. Sara Vondrasek says:

    The best gift I ever received was my son being born 6 days before Christmas 💕🥰

  16. I love to write poetry, and I was given a leather bound journal and a really nice pen.

  17. My best gift ever was a Cocker Spaniel puppy!

  18. Jenny Ham says:

    The best gift I ever got was an electric blanket my grandma always had them and one year my parents gave me one. I love Electric blankets.

  19. Tiffany Greene Elliott says:

    The best gift for Christmas I ever received was going to my grandma’s house and exchanging gifts! Oh how I miss doing that!

  20. Kelsey Vinson says:

    My first designer bag when i was 14. I loved it. Gold and white dolce and gabana

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