19 Gift Ideas for People Who Don’t Color – Yet!

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Part of our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

As much as we’d like to ignore it, there are people in our lives who haven’t jumped on the adult coloring bandwagon yet. That doesn’t mean that they won’t like coloring.

For the holidays consider sneaking in a nibble of coloring in your gifts. Add a pack of colored pencils or markers and you have a wonderful present and you may create a convert to coloring! Most are under $20, and some are even under $10!

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For the Oenophile

Beginning wine lovers to aficionados alike will love this fun approach to learning about wine. The Wine Lover’s Coloring Book takes the reader on a tour the wine regions of the world through beautiful full color maps, and then tests their knowledge by coloring your own map. Wine education is now approachable for everyone.

For the Fashionista

Beautifully made (even a fabric page marker!) Paris Street Style is on the easier side, buts makes you feel like you could be a chic fashion designer working on your next line. 

For the Interior Design Maven

Color At Home was created by the DIY bloggers behind Young House Love, and features intricate details like patterned pillows and ornate rugs that you can bring to life with your own color schemes. Each page offers opportunities to experiment with different looks without having to repaint a room or buy new furniture. The authors also included some hints for interior design and exercise pages for trying them. Reviewers love the quality of construction of the book.

For the Plant Lover

The Plant Planner provides up to 150 templates to help you record and understand each of your plants. The black and white drawings throughout the book are perfect for coloring!

For the Mathematician

The Golden Ratio showcases designs created using simple mathematical principles. It also contains some explanation behind the math. A wonderful way to see the many ways numbers and beauty combine. 

For the Rockhound

In Rocks, Mineral & Crystals you will learn about the facts, uses, and properties of rocks and minerals, as well as tips on starting, building and maintaining your own rock and mineral collection. Over 40 different minerals are presented in detail and in large scale. Real color examples for each mineral are also provided.

For Cartography Fans

Colour Your Own Historical Maps is full of hand-drawn maps from the British Library collection. Each of the maps is also shown in color, so that you can decide whether you want to use your own colors – or not. With key facts about each of the maps, this is also the perfect book for geography lovers and history buffs.

For the Knitting Enthusiast

The Vogue® Knitting Colorwork Paper provides patterns in the “V” shape of an actual knit stitch instead of plain old graph paper. This lets you create a better representation of what your finished item will actually look like. More than 90 pages of two common knitting gauges allow plenty of room for hundreds of patterns.

For the Yogi

The Yoga Anatomy Coloring Book is the first of a two-volume set. The book has beautiful black-and-white drawings of asanas to color. The book makes it fun and interesting to learn about how your body works in the poses as you color the bones and muscles and learn their names.

For the Quilter

The Quilt Design Coloring Workbook  uses modern art to help quilters plan their designs. More than 90 full-page ready-to-color design prompts invite quilters to try new color combinations and pattern experiments. Lots of great activities and design process ideas.

For the Chef

Drawing inspiration from her beautiful blog, A Cozy Kitchen, cookbook author and food blogger Adrianna Adarme has created A Cozy Coloring Cookbook coloring cookbook with 40 happy, cozy, and tasty recipes and illustrations—including pizza for breakfast and kaleidoscope ratatouille tarts—resulting in a color-as-you-cook pattern extravaganza, garnished with sprinkles.

For the Electrical Engineer

Although quite simple, Circuit Boards! will keep the electrical engineer on your gift list away from tinkering with things you don’t want tinkered with!

For the Number Cruncher

Crunching Numbers is a coloring book any accountant or finance person will appreciate! The book contains funny and humorous Accountant Life related designs and sayings surrounded by beautiful patterns, mandalas, and flowers. A great escape from quarter-end!

For the Brain Surgeon

The Ultimate Neuroscience is an easy, fun and smart way to learn, revise and remember neuroanatomy. The images are precisely labeled.

For the Nurse or Doctor

Netter’s Anatomy Coloring Book is a classic volume that helps you learn – or refresh – your anatomy knowledge with ease and fun. You will trace and color arteries, veins, nerves, muscles and organs through their courses and bifurcations.

For the Musician

Symphony brings the two of the most relaxing activities together – music and coloring. It contains over 50 designs including a variety of musical instruments, symbols, notes, floral designs, doodles, people enjoying music, and soulful vibes. Create your own symphony by bringing colors, shades, and notes together.

For the Lawyer

Ruth Bader Ginsburg keeps the wonderful jurist in our memories as a United States Supreme Court justice, pop icon, feminist hero, ferocious equal rights champion, jabot-wearing trend-setter, scathing dissent-writer, lousy cook, bad driver, whitewater rafter, and opera-loving workout queen. Color your way through these and many other faces of the woman known familiarly as “RBG.”

For the Art Lover

Can’t get to a museum because of the pandemic? Why not gift this book to the art-lover on your list. Famous Painters in Art History is full of interesting facts about each artist, and the coloring lets your giftee try their own hand at creating a masterpiece.

For the Animal Lover

As an animal lover myself, I am always trying to improve the knowledge I have about the creatures I encounter. Veterinary Anatomy Coloring Book has 400 (!) easy-to-color illustrations and corresponding anatomical descriptions guide you through the entire body of domestic, wild and exotic animals.

Do you have any friends or relatives that haven’t taken the adult coloring plunge yet? How would you introduce them to this wonderful, calming activity? Let us know in the comments section below!


3 thoughts on “19 Gift Ideas for People Who Don’t Color – Yet!”

  1. Ronald Gagnon says:

    That idea of sneaking in the “Colors” is fabulous…..
    A special addition to anyone’s gift

  2. Laura Harrison says:

    Try as I might I can not get my husband interested in coloring. I found many books above that I would love to have though.

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