Holiday Printable Gift Tags from Palette Primitives

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Add extra cheer to any present with color-your-own gift tags.

Part of our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for gifts! And I have been really productive so far this year : I have already made or bought a lot of gifts. And now I need to think about gift wrapping.

In the last few years I have made it a tradition to make my own gift tags from hand-drawn printables and color them myself – a unique way to add “presence” to presents!  And the gift recipients so appreciate the extra thought I put in to the wrapping.

This year the tags from Palette Primitives on Etsy caught my eye!

Disclosures: The product in this post was kindly sent to me by Palette Primitives ; I did not receive any other compensation. This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you. Read my full disclosure here.

I found it tough to decide which design to use (they are all so adorable!), but I settled on the the “Peppermint Guild” tags.

gift tags

Palette Primitives also has six other holiday-themed tags, as well as tags for different seasons, at their shop. The tags measure approximately 1.75″ (45 mm) x 3.25″ (83 mm).

How to Use the Gift Tags from Palette Primitives

Purchase & Download

Once you submit your order, Palette Primitives will give you a link to access your tags in a PDF format file. You will print your tags from this file. The whole process is super easy, but if you need assistance, Etsy has a How-to for downloads HERE.

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Choose Paper and Print

Once you’ve downloaded the file, you simply send it to your printer and you are ready to go! Besides the page with 12 tags, the file includes a handy one-page instruction sheet.

As for paper, you can use regular printer paper, but I used white 65 pound bond (this one is my fave) for a sturdier feel. You could use any lightly-colored paper or card stock, such as this one, but you’ll probably want to stick with colored pencils in that case.

For even more durability, try a heavier card stock – like this one – if your printer will accept it. Heavier card stock would be perfect for using the tags as ornaments.

If you go with the plain white card stock, Palette Primitives also suggests trying to “age” your paper with tea and letting it fully dry before printing. I did this with one set and it worked beautifully – a more unique rustic look. I did a very light tea stain for my first try; I’ll be a bit more aggressive on the next pass!


Depending on the paper you use, you can use colored pencils, water-based markers, alcohol-based markers, art markers, or even crayons. If you do choose an alcohol-based marker, you will most likely not be able to use the back of the tag for writing.

But I found a way to work around that: After I finished coloring, I brushed a very light but thorough layer of glue on the back of the page of tags and attached a piece of plain white paper as a backing. Once dry, I moved on to cutting.

Line-work on the Peppermint Guild tags is heavy and there are not any itty-bitty details, which makes them quite easy to color. Some of the other sets of tags are little more detailed, but none are difficult.

Cut and Finish

After coloring, simply cut the tags apart, punch a hole at the top, add a string or ribbon, and voila!

gift tags

I used a retractable box cutter and a ruler to cut the tags apart. However, you could try to “fancy” them up using decorative edge scissors for a unique touch. On one tag I used my handy-dandy glue gun and added a sprinkle of glitter for a bit of bling.

gift tags

And as well as gift tags, you could also use these cuties to embellish scrapbook pages, handmade cards, or other paper projects you’re working on.

Check out all of the Palette Primitives products here, and follow them on Facebook to check out cute crafting ideas and get sale notifications!


3 thoughts on “Holiday Printable Gift Tags from Palette Primitives”

  1. This is a great idea!!! When I used to mail out holiday cards, I used to color the envelope. This is fun and adorable!

  2. Laura Harrison says:

    I like this idea. Actually, I have made my own gift tags for many years.

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