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I admit it: my handwriting, and cursive in particular, sucks. It is the same for many of us who have been relying on keyboards for so long.

However, the holiday season is a perfect time to take up letter-writing: a hand-written letter is like a little gift in and of itself. It is a special feeling to receive something in the mail addressed to you that is not a bill. And opening the envelope, looking at the stamp, feeling the paper and seeing and reading the written word are so memorable.

What to do? I was tickled to find The Art of Cursive, a revolutionary handwriting instruction method (CursiveLogic©) artfully woven into a relaxing, adult coloring book!


Disclosures: The book in this post was kindly sent to me by the team at CurisveLogic¬©; I did not receive any other compensation. This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I might earn a commission, at no additional cost to you. Read my full disclosure here.


The simple lessons of CursiveLogic© system used by The Art of Cursive break down the alphabet into four shapes instead of 26 letters. The developers of the system claim that adults who just need to refresh their skills (or who never actually learned cursive) can easily master the principles in a matter of hours.

Lesson Page

The Art of Cursive opens with a page of instructions, and then dives into four 2-page lessons. These eight pages focus on lower-case letters. The next page shows how to create upper-case letters.

After the uppercase letters, the book moves on to the coloring pages and practice.  


The artist used the four basic strokes presented in the lessons to create an array of beautiful images. Each design is inspired by a quotation that is worked into the design itself and the subjects include nature (tree, flower, fish) and everyday objects (hands, clock, dragon). All images are created by integrating the four cursive strokes, and some letters, right in them.

Linework in the designs is black and medium to heavy. The quotations are a light grey and finer, which is perfect for tracing and practice while coloring.

The reverse of each design page has a practice page for tracing and writing the quotation.


The back and front covers of The Art of Cursive are heavy, glossy card stock. The front cover features an embossed blue metallic title and an example of the designs inside, partially colored. The cover is solid enough to use the book without additional support, but I found it easier to handle with my clipboard behind when I was sitting in my recliner.

The pages are sewn together and glued to the covers. Although the pages are not perforated, they are as easy to remove as if they were perforated.

The inside pages are white, smooth card stock. All coloring media (water-based markers, alcohol-based markers and colored pencils) perform beautifully. There was a bit of white speckling with both my Prismacolor Premier and Staedtler 157 pencils, but additional layers or burnishing with a colorless pencil fixed that quickly. Gel pens worked beautifully as well.

Alcohol-based markers will bleed through the card stock and did spot on the next page when I forgot to use a protective page behind. If you do want to color with alcohol-based markers, I recommend doing the Practice exercise on the reverse first, with pencils, gel pens, regular ball-point pens, or water-based markers. This will keep the design “clean” for coloring.

Therapeutic Value

I was surprised at how calm I became while “working” my way through the exercises and coloring the pages! First, coloring and doing the cursive exercises require you to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n, giving you a wonderful sense of calm.

I was also encouraged by how much my cursive improved – seeing accomplishment is a great way increasing your feelings of self-worth.

On top of that, once you are confident in your new cursive skills, you will feel good when writing and sending letters, knowing that your recipient will appreciate your efforts.

My Take

Medium: Shuttle Art Markers

The technique for teaching cursive is straightforward and easy to follow. And yes, I truly have seen an improvement in my cursive after the exercises and coloring pages.

So Get a copy of The Art of Cursive, improve your cursive (and enjoy coloring at the same time) and send written greetings to your friends and family. You will also be supporting the postal service by buying stamps, and small businesses by purchasing greeting cards or stationery (on Etsy or from your local independent store). Letter writing only requires a bit more effort on your part, but it means so much more to those who receive your letters.

The Art of Cursive would also make a great holiday gift !


We are giving away one copy of The Art of Cursive to a lucky reader in the US or Canada. The giveaway ends at 12:01am on December 15, 2020 so make sure to return every day to increase your chances of winning!

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13 thoughts on “The Art of Cursive – REVIEW & GIVEAWAY”

  1. Nathan Fox says:

    I don’t usually end up sending holiday cards, but I think this year might be different just because we won’t really be seeing anyone.

  2. Ronald Oliver says:

    We plan on sending Christmas cards out this year.

  3. Gaye Mcgill says:

    I’ve cut back over the last few years, but I think 2020 screams out for sending hand-written holiday cards. Don’t have a lot of “news”, but I think sharing memories and feelings will be the theme.

  4. perhaps! havent decided yet

  5. Stephanie says:

    I think I will because I already have some on hand and I think people will really enjoy receiving them this year.

  6. Jeanna Massman says:

    Yes, but only a few. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Laura Harrison says:

    I send out handwritten cards every year, however, I print them. My cursive could use some finessing.

  8. Suzanne Greene says:

    I do not usually send Christmas cards. However, this year I was thinking that I just might.

  9. I am doing a couple cards. I figure it can bring joy to friends and family this year.

  10. Deborah N. says:

    I will send some to the people that live to far away.

  11. I’m sending Christmas cards this year. I cheat and mostly do photo cards, but I do use a fountain pen with red ink to address them.

  12. Jennifer Redd says:

    I am sending out some cards, it will be hard though as I lost the grandma this year who loved them the most.

  13. Yes, I send them every year.

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