The Art of Cursive – REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

I admit it: my handwriting, and cursive in particular, sucks. It is the same for many of us who have been relying on keyboards for so long.

However, the holiday season is a perfect time to take up letter-writing: a hand-written letter is like a little gift in and of itself. It is a special feeling to receive something in the mail addressed to you that is not a bill. And opening the envelope, looking at the stamp, feeling the paper and seeing and reading the written word are so memorable.

What to do? I was tickled to find The Art of Cursive, a revolutionary handwriting instruction method (CursiveLogic©) artfully woven into a relaxing, adult coloring book!

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19 Gift Ideas for People Who Don’t Color – Yet!

Part of our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

As much as we’d like to ignore it, there are people in our lives who haven’t jumped on the adult coloring bandwagon yet. That doesn’t mean that they won’t like coloring.

For the holidays consider sneaking in a nibble of coloring in your gifts. Add a pack of colored pencils or markers and you have a wonderful present and you may create a convert to coloring! Most are under $20, and some are even under $10!

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12 Unique Gifts for Coloring Fans from Etsy

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, I bet you will find the perfect gift on Etsy , particularly for the coloring fan on your list.

Etsy is a marketplace where artisans and crafters sell their creations. And when you shop on Etsy, you’ll be supporting a craftsperson, which feels particularly good during the holidays. To make finding the best gifts on Etsy a little easier, I’ve scoured the site and picked out some amazing top-rated presents for the adult coloring fans on your list – or even you!

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10+1 Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers Who Color

Another instalment of our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

Are you looking for a great gift for the coloring fan on your list who loves cats? Look no further! Here are ten – plus one – great ideas.

And don’t forget to check all of our great holiday gift ideas and giveaways HERE.

1. Creative Haven Christmas Cats

christmas cats

Marjorie Sarnat recently published another great coloring book with cats and kittens, this time with a Christmas theme. The 31 designs are printed single-sided and are complex enough to keep you coloring for a while.

See my full review here.

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Christmas Coloring with Jess Volinski

2020 Holiday Gift Guide Review & Giveaway

In this instalment of the 2020 Holiday Gift Guide, I am introducing you to artist Jess Volinksi’s coloring books, including Notebook Doodles Christmas: Coloring & Activity Book. And we are giving away one copy!

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Christmas Cats by Marjorie Sarnat: the Purr-fect Gift!

2020 Holiday Gift Guide Review & Giveaway

I am so excited to continue the 2020 Holiday Gift Guide with the first of our ideas for holiday gifts, from the wonderful Marjorie Sarnat: Christmas Cats coloring book!

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Coloring Book Review: Millie Marotta’s Woodland Wild

If you have been coloring for a while, you are probably familiar with Millie Marotta: she designs intricate nature based illustrations that you see in her coloring books and art projects. Her work is primarily focused on helping everyone appreciate the nature that surrounds us:

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10 Scream-Worthy Halloween Items to Get You in the Spooky Coloring Spirit

It is October once again, so pandemic or no, it is time to get in the Halloween spirit!

Here at Adult Coloring 101, we have compiled a Halloween guide to suit all of your coloring – and other – needs. So whether you want to create some décor to set the mood for your coloring sessions or something as specific as a Halloween bag for toting your books and supplies, our guide has it all!

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What We’ve Been Coloring

I love seeing what all of you have been coloring: not only the quality, but the thought and soul put into each design. Without exception, all of the pieces I’ve seen over the last several months are beautiful in many ways; I guess the pandemic has brought out the creativity in us.

So I decided to share a few of my own recent pieces with you. I am in no way as talented as as many of you, but I do love the pastime. Here are a few of my completed designs:

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New Coloring Books – September 2020

If you are in the mood for some new coloring books, the publishers are on a roll in September! Whether you are warming up for the holidays (really!), focusing on your mindfulness practice, or even looking forward to Halloween, I’ve gone through the new publications to give you some ideas – even ones that will expand your skills from coloring to drawing!

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