How to Find Calm in Coloring Chickens

Chickens?! Chickens. 

Half of the year I live in a cosmopolitan North American city, the other half in rural Crete.  (I know, I am very lucky and do count my blessings every day!). One of the things I miss most when we are in the city is our neighbors’ chickens.  Watching the small flocks of freely ranging hens and roosters clucking about their yards, happily creating delicious eggs for us, is just one of the delights of our life in Crete.

Adult Coloring Chickens
Our Egg Store in Crete!

And as if providing highly nutritious, low-cost food for humans isn’t awesome enough, chickens are full of surprises.  Did you know: Continue reading “How to Find Calm in Coloring Chickens”

15 New Adult Coloring Books to Enjoy

Adult Coloring BooksAdult coloring continues to thrive, and with its popularity the number of coloring books being published is overwhelming. I spent this past week poring over publishers’ and authors’ recent and scheduled releases (hundreds!) to find some of the most unique ones in interesting categories.

A few things I have noticed that are great: more and more single-sided illustrations, and perforated pages. And sub-genres in coloring books are expanding – if you have a special interest, there is probably an adult coloring book for it! Continue reading “15 New Adult Coloring Books to Enjoy”

Another Coloring Book Giveaway Roundup!

Coloring Book GiveawayWho doesn’t love free stuff? My last coloring book giveaway post was so well-received I decided it is time for another one.  So, without further ado, here are 15 great giveaways to test your luck! If you cannot wait to win, simply click on each coloring book image to buy it for yourself.

#1 – Giveaway Link: Austin Slave to Fashion
Who doesn’t love Wendy Piersall’s coloring books? Here is your chance to win your choice of two of these four of her mandala coloring books:

Coloring Book Giveaway Coloring Book Giveaway Coloring Book Giveaway Coloring Book Giveaway

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Ikea’s Latest? Coloring Pages to Calm

It is only “Hump Day” and you’re already itching to pull out the markers and color the stress away. And to satisfy your yearning, IKEA, the home of “fiscally responsible furnishings for all,” has come to the rescue.

Normally I think of stress when I think of IKEA – building a PAX wardrobe with it’s 150+ pieces of hardware can’t be called a calming experience.  However, now you can color one! IKEA has released five free adult coloring pages covered with lamps, couches, chairs, even their FORNUFT tableware and fanciful plants.

© IKEA Group

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6 Tips for Taking Printables from ‘Eh’ to ‘Excellent’

Adult Coloring PrintablesPrintables can be great (yay, free goodies!) – and can be awful. 

Coloring book publishers and artists give away printable coloring pages as a try-and-buy technique.  Oodles of websites offer free printables pages. And artists sell unique ones on their websites or shops such as Etsy. Printables are usually single pages, but you can also find printable collections or books; in fact, many of the coloring books on Amazon are also available in electronic (Kindle) format, with online links to print the illustrations at home. And you can print printables as many times as you want, so you can try different tools, palettes or techniques on the same illustration.

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BIC MarkIt Ultra Fine Markers: The Ultimate Ultra Fine?

BIC MarkIt Ultra Fine 36 Count

Looking for a great set of ultra fine markers? When I am coloring-in detailed illustrations, that is what I want. My Sharpies have been my go-to for a few years now.

However, as I’ve advanced in my techniques, the 24 colors that Sharpie gives me just aren’t enough to let me do some multi-color shading to bring depth and life to my coloring.

So it was great that, for Christmas, I received a 36-count pack of BIC Mark-it Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers. I’ve been giving them a good workout, and I must say, I find myself grabbing my BICs more often than my faithful old Sharpies. Continue reading “BIC MarkIt Ultra Fine Markers: The Ultimate Ultra Fine?”

11 Great 2016 Calendars for Coloring Fans

Adult Coloring 2016 CalendarIt is the last day of the year and if you are like me, you still haven’t had a look at 2016 calendars.

While I love technology, I also enjoy being able to break away from it now and then. And for planning my days, I use an old-fashioned paper planner, basically because I don’t have a smartphone, and don’t need to schedule with a lot of other people.  Even when I did work in the corporate world, I printed the day’s schedule along with the next seven days and the next four weeks. As the day passed, I made notes on these sheets to capture ideas, to-dos and new appointments, and updated my computer at the end of the day.

I decided this year to find a 2016 calendar that I can color, of course! I waded through some of the many options and here are my favorites: Continue reading “11 Great 2016 Calendars for Coloring Fans”