Product Review Policy

For Product Marketers

If you have an adult coloring-related product or service you think would be of interest to my readers, feel free to get in touch! My readers and I are particularly interested in adult coloring books and related supplies, and mental and physical health self-care books and products.  To date marketers have trusted me for honest and unbiased reviews of adult coloring books, colored pencils, markers, back pain products, and mental health self-care books, among other products and services. Some of the companies I have partnered with include Green Frog Publishing, RoBarry Publications, Jim Harold Media LLC, Illustriart, and Plinrise Manufacturing.

I do not accept for review any product that contains sexual content or inappropriate language.

I will review your products and services, if they are relevant to me, in exchange for free products that I get to keep. It may be helpful to note that I currently bill my non-review creative services at $75-$100 an hour. If you want me to review a low cost product, it would be helpful for both of us if you can provide an additional item or items that I can use in a blog giveaway – I gain readers, you gain more exposure. I usually ask that you be responsible for prize fulfillment.

What will you get by working with me? An honest review on my blog. Good and bad. I will contact you first  if I have an overall negative experience with your product (see my review guidelines below). I will also promote the blog review on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +.  I will share the review on Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube as relevant.  I may post an edited version of the review, with full FTC disclosure, on Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, etc. if applicable.

I do like to include quotes from, and interviews with, authors, illustrators, product developers and retailers in my reviews. I appreciate receiving marketing materials and press releases, for example, along with your products. If you give me images or other content along with your product you are inherently acknowledging that you are the sole owner of that content and you are granting me the right to publish that content on

Understand that this policy is in place to protect the integrity of my content and to ensure I am not misleading my readers but instead providing them with valuable insight.

Review Guidelines

For adult coloring books, I only accept print copies; for other books I will also accept Kindle and PDF formats.  I accept books from all publishers and authors including self-published and indie.

I don’t guarantee reviews but I make every effort to review all items I receive. I usually aim to publish reviews within 3 months of receiving the product, which allows me to work it into an advantageous time in my editorial calendar; for example, gift-related items during the holiday season. If I believe the rating is less than 4 stars, I will send a copy of my review to you and will let you decide whether I will post the review or not.

If anyone asks me to give a positive review just because they are providing the book or product for free or at a discount, I will not take on the review project.

My Star Ratings

Generally I use the following guidelines when determining my ratings:

5 Stars  : I love this product and would buy it for myself if I haven’t already.  I did not find the product to be significantly lacking in any key characteristics, and/or the product excelled in one or more key characteristics.

Key characteristics I focus on when reviewing adult coloring books, for example, include:

  • paper stock
  • print quality
  • price
  • originality and variety of designs
  • therapeutic benefit
  • specific traits that may be claimed in product advertising, packaging or descriptions

4 Stars:  I enjoyed the product a lot, but I was dissatisfied with one or more key characteristics that weren’t offset by excellence in another area

3 Stars: The product is good, but average, and is no better than other average products in its category(ies).

2 Stars: Not really my cup of tea

1 Star: I didn’t enjoy the product at all and it had issues in several key areas.

If you want me to review your book or product, please send me a message through my contact form or via email to info (at) adult-coloring-101 (dot) com. I look forward to working with you!

For Readers

Like many of you, I count on honest reviews to help me make my own buying decisions. From time to time, I will post book and product reviews for which I have received compensation in the form of free or discounted items. I will always disclose when I have been compensated for a review, and you can be assured that my review is an honest one. I will not lie and say I loved something just because it was free. I will always provide my honest assessment, both pros and cons, so that you have a valid appraisal of my experience with the product. Besides, what may be a negative experience for me could be something that would be positive for you. Or vice versa. Integrity is important to me. I won’t shill just any product given to me, but if I get behind something and become its cheerleader, you know it’s because I really liked it.

If you have a question, comment or concern about any particular review, do take advantage of the Comments section at the bottom of the review’s page.  Alternatively, you can use my contact form, or send me an email at: info (at) adult-coloring-101 (dot) com.