Don’t Throw Away Your Pencil Stubs!

The Stub of It All

Growing up, we filled the kitchen junk drawer with all the usual suspects: rubber bands, used baggies, expired coupons, dried up pens….. and lots and lots of pencil stubs. Whenever my mother blessed us (!) with the opportunity to clean the junk drawer, these pencils and stubs would end up in the garbage can.

These days I try to minimize my carbon footprint, including putting as little into the trash (and therefore landfill) as I can. That definitely includes pencil stubs! As well, colored pencils can be expensive, so I want to maximize how much I can use them (some great tips here) before they get too short to put ina sharpener. And there are some great ways to use colored pencil stubs, including giving them a new purpose in life.

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