National Coloring Book Day Giveaway!

Yes, it is giveaway time!

coloring book giveawayWhen I was preparing for my review of Adult Coloring Book: Fractals, Green Frog Publishing offered to give one of my readers two of their coloring books: Adult Coloring Book: Fractals and Adult Coloring Book: My Father’s Garden. And with National Coloring Book Day coming up on August 2nd, the timing was perfect.

About the prizes:

“Create your personal, private oasis with Ben Trube’s expertly programmed fractals designed to reduce stress, sharpen your concentration and nourish your creativity. Adult Coloring Book: Fractals is a set of twenty-five distinctive stress relieving patterns of fractals portraying the beauty of mathematics. ” – Publisher

“Create your personal, private garden sanctuaries with Bridget M. Hurley’s pen and ink drawing of her father’s gardens in Somerset County, New Jersey. Cheaper than a spa (and bug-free to boot), the Adult Coloring Book: My Father’s Garden is a set of twenty distinctive, original illustrations of country gardens in Somerset County.” – Publisher

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Fractals: An Adult Coloring Book Review

Thank you to Green Frog Publishing for sending this book to me in return for providing my honest and unbiased review. I received no other compensation. This post does contain affiliate links.

fractalsAdult Coloring Book: Fractals, by Ben Trube. 68 Pages.  Published by Green Frog Publishing, February 2016.

“Learn about fractals as you color, and see a whole new way of looking at the world around you.”

As I have told you before, I find it fascinating that math is the foundation of much of the beauty in nature, such as snowflakes and the spirals of seeds in sunflowers. And I have been looking for a more challenging coloring book to put my new bifocals (!) to the test. So I was thrilled when Green Frog Publishing asked me to give Adult Coloring Book: Fractals by Ben Trube a try. Continue reading “Fractals: An Adult Coloring Book Review”